Is Your Marketing Aligned to How Your Prospects Buy?

SaaS Transformation

Also requires marketing transformation.

For years outbound marketing has found us new prospects. For decades highlighting our many product features has won us new business. But today the new cloud buyer is self-educating online and does not want to identify himself/herself until they are nearly 67% of the way through their buying journey.

Your marketing strategy needs to align with this new buying behavior. We are experts in behavioral science, neuromarketing and decision making. Technology buyers are not making logical decisions based on product functionality, instead it is emotional factors such as risk, fear and trust that are driving their decision.

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“The workshop Neural Impact conducted with our sales and marketing team has transformed our business development process. Following the workshop we implemented numerous changes in the way we engage new opportunities, present proposals, structure our marketing programs, and organize our web content. The result has been a significant increase in our deal closure rate since we implemented their recommendations. Thank you!”

John Pence

President & Founder of Sunrise Technologies

Moving Away from On Premise Thinking

Traditional approaches are no longer viable because Buyer 3.0 thinks about products and makes purchasing decisions differently. Technical product descriptions will not get you anywhere. Neither will direct sales methods.

Today’s buyer is anonymous and self-educated. To meet the needs of the online cloud consumer, your organization’s strategy and pricing must revolve around their trends and habits.

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Our high volume framework will help you shift from being a traditional project based and heavily sales driven company to be a more scalable, high volume SaaS technology provider.