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Neural Impact: The Neuroscience of Emotional Engagement

Neural Impact
Strategic GTM Services

Option #1

GTM Strategy Validation
& Optimization
$5,000 - $8,000 USD

Option #2

Differentiated GTM Guidance & Planning
$10,000 - $15,000 USD

Option #3

GTM Foundation Development
$18,000 - $24,000 USD

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Strategic Proposition


Work towards becoming the go to people in a market sector

Help validate high priority target market segments to focus on

Channel strategy, ideal partner profile, partner value proposition, risks and best practices

Facilitate the articulation of a compelling and differentiated core value proposition

Facilitate an emotional messaging framework to determine key buying triggers for service providers, review completed framework which will inform marketing, sales and product road map

Competitive Positioning


Know exactly who your direct and indirect competitors are. Map them by sector and proposition and ensure you have a strategy in place to counter

Provide input into competitive differentiation
i.e. fast start / fixed price offering

Offer Development


Work towards becoming the go to people in a market sector

Review current product and services offerings. Identify cross sell and upsell opportunities

Help determine how best to package initial product and service offerings to accelerate early sales. Review and provide feedback on draft packaged offers

Provide input into price tiering, strategy and approach



Enable you to scale, accelerate growth and expand into new global markets

Identify key objectives for building a channel

Determination of ideal partner profile criteria

Articulation of compelling partner value proposition and economic business case

Identification of key challenges and strategies to overcome them

Key assets needed, onboarding strategy, resources needed and implementation plan

Getting More


To increase the number of lead sources

AppSource listing optimization review and recommendations

Review and provide feedback on 12-month content calendar to drive educational content

Lead generation and digital marketing strategy guidance

Techniques for engaging Microsoft sellers

Guidance on channel partner strategy

Engaging Your Audience & Converting Leads


Build your reputation as a thought leader in your target segment, provide high value educational content, deliver a highly relevant and optimized buying journey

Pricing landing page review and optimization recommendations

Guidance regarding design and optimization of a solution specific conversion landing page

High level mini review of corporate website and messaging

Case study best practice / framework

Target buyer and persona definition to design relevant marketing assets and buyer journey online

Conversion asset identification and / or review



Develop a robust plan of activity for next 12 months to achieve required results that is based on analysis and insights

Develop high level, go to market action plan and key deliverables needed for launch

Strategic Marketing Plan on a page

Strategic Marketing Plan (long version)