AppSource/Azure Marketplace Lead and Trial Conversion Acceleration Program

About the Program

The Microsoft brand is a powerful and compelling factor that will influence a technology buying decision. However, once a prospect is led to your AppSource listing or your dedicated app product landing page, you will need to engage the prospect further to successfully achieve a trial of your product and conversion to a sale.

Your listing and landing page must not only convey all your product's important, relevant features and functionality, but it must also emotionally engage prospects igniting a sense of urgency and need to have your solution. In this summary, we have included specific recommendations to help you increase your AppSource listing and app landing page online engagement and conversion.


How This Program is Designed to Help Our Partners

Accelerate your AppSource Marketing Readiness

Increase the quality and effectiveness of your AppSource Listing
Help you determine how best to offer a customer led trial
Increase trial to purchase conversion rate
Decrease trial to purchase sales cycle length


The Process Includes the Following Steps

  1. Neural provides a best practices guide to the partner for version one implementation.
  2. Partner prepares a new or updated AppSource Listing page and app landing page using the AppSource marketing guide provided by Neural.
  3. Partner completes a value proposition statement, website self-assessment and AppSource landing page self-assessment utilizing the free online mini digital emotional engagement website audit, AppSource listing assessment and value proposition tools made by Neural Impact (no charge to use this online tool). The auto-generated reports are forwarded to Neural for review one week prior to the recommendations review call.
  4. Neural reviews the first draft AppSource listing and app landing page and delivers recommendations and comments via a one hour Skype conference call.
  5. A 20+ slides PowerPoint deck outlining recommendations, changes, samples, screenshots and more is sent to the ISV partner to implement.
  6. Partner implements the changes recommended and to have a 2nd version of both the AppSource listing page and the app landing page complete.
  7. 2nd versions of both are sent to Neural, Neural provides final recommendations and changes to be implemented via screenshot analysis or email.
  8. Partner implements final recommendations and goes live with both within a few weeks of receiving final recommendations. Partner completes a short baseline data report summarizing lead volume, conversion rates and trial process steps and current results and access to Google Analytics to help monitor and optimize success.
  9. Partner provides a monthly summary of lead, trial, and conversion results for 3 months allowing for additional optimization, changes, and feedback.

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AppSource Audit Report
One hour Skype call
20 slide recommendation presentation
Additional 3 month post feedback

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