Want to know how to increase conversion on your website?

Our digital emotional engagement audit will provide you with specific recommendations that will help you can get more leads, increase online engagement and convert interested prospects.

It is your website’s ability to emotionally engage prospects that creates a bias towards your company and solution and moves them to action and conversion.

Your team may include experienced marketers and website developers who are knowledgeable in visual and graphic design, web publishing, copywriting, optimizing digital performance, SEO, and more, but they are not experts in behavioral science, decision making or neuromarketing. They have not optimized your website to engage your prospects brain.


We provide an objective and thorough third party review of your website from an emotional engagement perspective that provides specific neuromarketing feedback, recommendations, and a list of improvements to increase your number of leads and conversion.


Also includes a 30-minute web marketing interview to gather important information for the audit.

Aspects Include:

  • Tribal Engagement
  • Persona Engagement
  • Emotional Engagement Triggers
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Curiosity and Persuasion
  • Simplicity vs. Complexity
  • Proof of Claims
  • Trust and Credibility
  • Value Exchange & Action Engagement
  • Competitor Engagement Benchmarks
  • Benchmark data regarding how your website is performing compared to similar companies in your specific industry (bounce rate, visitors, viewer engagement, etc)
"Our Emotional Engagement Methodology leverages the latest insights from neuroscience, behavioural economics and more. We help you shift your current messaging from unemotional logical product features and functionality to emotionally differentiated and engaging messaging that bias’s prospects towards your company and solution.
We’ve developed a proprietary Emotional Messaging Framework that helps you get to the root of what your prospects truly care about and which will motivate them to take buying action. We allow you to then convert that understanding into digital assets that emotionally resonate with your target industry.
Emotional Marketing drives relevance, differentiation, and a steady flow of engaged prospects to get you more customers!"

Sharka Chobot, Chief Transformation Officer
Neural Impact


Listen to Christian Sega talk about his experience with the website emotional engagement audit.



The Process

The website emotional engagement audit includes the following:

  1. A 30 minute website marketing interview and briefing to gather the important information we need to conduct the audit.
  2. A complete, comprehensive audit of all our website landing pages by our marketing experts.
  3. A 60+ page comprehensive audit with over 70 specific recommendations which you or your web development team can act on immediately to get more leads and drive more conversion.
  4. A brief assessment of how your engagement level compares to your top 3 competitors
  5. One hour phone debrief of your results and a discussion of your priority recommendations.

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