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Once again Microsoft and Neural Impact are excited to announce that they are partnering together in FY24 to provide the Dynamics ecosystem with a high volume acceleration program.

for the 6 Week Advanced Program – Starting April 24th kickoff or May 29 kickoff

Program Overview from Msft Inspire

Do you want to be able to add one or more SMB customers a week? Cloud adoption, the recent pandemic and changing buying behavior have disrupted the traditional customer acquisition process. Demand for cloud-based Microsoft Business Applications solutions is growing, but few partners have adjusted the way they position, differentiate, package, price and sell their new solutions. Capitalizing on this cloud market opportunity requires providing new offerings and targeted solutions in response to a new set of buyer needs and expectations. Domain expertise, rapid deployment, shorter time to value and less project risk for customers is replacing functional breadth as the new differentiators.

The High Volume Acceleration program is designed to help you gain a competitive advantage. Moving to a high-volume, true SaaS business model requires more than an investment in new cloud solutions and IP, and simply making your offerings available in a cloud marketplace. It demands an entire transformation in how we sell, market, package, price and deliver solutions and services. Neural Impact have partnered closely with Microsoft to build and deliver the High Volume Acceleration Program. You can visit the Microsoft Program page here to understand the strategy and to find out more information about High Volume Acceleration initiative

Goals of the Program

Accelerate & Scale Your Dynamics Customer Acquisition Capability

This program is designed to provide you with guidance best practices which enable you to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Accelerate the number of new Business Application SMB customers you add this year
  • Bring new packaged, standard offers and solutions to market that accelerate your sales cycle
  • Get more leads online on Digital Marketplaces
  • Increase your ability to scale
  • Learn a standardized methodology to bring services and products to market
  • Have a better defined cloud value proposition & differentiation
  • Shift from a one-time project services revenue model to a true SaaS business model
  • Lower your customer acquisition costs and increase win rates
  • Shorten sales cycles with repeatability and packaged offers.
  • Increase your capability to drive a successful P2P co-sell strategy

Get Started Program Options

We have several options and resources available to you, regardless of where you are on the road to repeatability, building out your industry go-to-market strategy, offering packaged offers and fixed outcome services, or accelerating your marketing and sales cycle. Three Options to Get Started:

Free One Week
Foundations Program 

Register now for one of the two sessions offered in FY24 

Oct. 16-19 6:30 am PDT
Nov 13-16 7:00 am PDT

Register NOW

One to Few Advanced Acceleration Live Program

Attend a live, 8 week one-to-few Advanced High Volume Practice Program

Cohort 7 kicking off : April 24
Cohort 8 kicking off: May 22


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Personalized Deep Dive:

Get deep, one-to-one personalized strategy workshops, coaching and implementation guidance to help you build a true SaaS marketing, sales and delivery model that can help you double your new customer add volume next year. There are three funding options available: self funded, co-op funded, Microsoft co-funded. Apply here.

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For those partners who participate in the program and complete all the program deliverables (SMB standard offering with pricing, Vertical Industry GTM strategy, an SMB offer in Appsource & a Support Subscription offering), there is a Lead Generation Campaign opportunity, co-funded with Microsoft. More details here

Six Live Sessions focused on Building High Volume Capabilities

Differentiation, Industry Focus & Specialization

SaaS Model: Packaging & Pricing SMB Offers

Accelerating & Scaling Delivery & Go Live

Lead Gen & Digital Marketing Best Practices

Automating Sales & Shortening Time to Value w Video

Accelerated Sales Motion Closing More Deals, Fast

Why High Volume?

There are two core reasons it is critical to disrupt and reinvent the way you have been doing business for decades. If the following dynamics and constraints resonate with you, then you have come to the right place. This high-volume program is designed to help you address these very specific challenges most Microsoft partners face when targeting the SMB and mid-market.

Changes in buyer behavior:

  • library_booksSelf-Educating

    Buyers are self-educating online and don’t want to engage with sales professionals until later in the sales cycle

  • contact_supportUncertainty

    Two years of sustained pandemic and war induced global uncertainty has resulted in small business owners being reluctant to make large investments and want lower upfront risk and cost

  • diamondNew Needs

    Buyers who have outgrown current competitive low-end solutions don’t understand or appreciate customization and project services and want industry solutions, out of the box with no risk

  • shop_twoPurchasing Simplicity

    Competitors have pricing transparency, making them easier to buy from

  • speaker_notesLong decision processes

    Digital fatigue, limited technical capabilities and reluctance to take on additional new projects which potentially lead to business disruption, result in frequent long sales cycles and no decision outcomes

Partner business constraints and challenges:

  • buildSkills shortages

    Technical skills and resource shortages in every region in the world constraining ability to scale & grow

  • paymentsLimited Margins

    Pressure from competition and customers to lower day rates while resource and training costs increasing

  • receipt_longLengthy Projects

    Long and expensive sales cycles and long backlogs and delays in project delivery limiting revenue growth

  • campaignLack of Marketing

    Lack of demand generation & heavy dependence on referrals/direct selling leading to small pipeline

  • trending_downLow win rates

    20% vs 50+% win rates due to lack of competitive differentiation

The truth is a SaaS business model simply demands a much higher volume of customer ads per year to be sustainable and profitable and a lower cost of customer acquisition and faster delivery cycle to be viable. A heavily project services business model, at this moment in time, is heavily constrained, slow to grow and difficult to scale. Explore the many resources, guides and helpful tools to support you along your journey to increasing growth and volume.  

“We now have a full digital customer journey – from initial interest, guided buying process, digital deployment. Hands free sale and delivery sold directly and under white label.”

“A real game changer for our team with regards to scale, repeatable apps and offers and P2P. A complete change of mindset and ambition.”

We have shortened our sales cycle for the specific offer BC from 60 to 20 days

Join Your Peers in a One to Few Live High Volume Acceleration Program

Register Now for the 8 Week Advanced Program –
Nov 29 or Jan 16 2023

Differentiation, Industry Focus & Specialization


SaaS Model: Packaging & Pricing SMB Offers


Accelerating & Scaling Delivery & Go Live


Lead Gen & Digital Marketing Best Practices


Automating Sales & Shortening Time to Value w Video


Accelerated Sales Motion, Closing More Deals, Fast

Individualized High Volume Acceleration Deep Dive

Self fund, Use Coop, Apply for Microsoft Funding

Hear from Your Peers

Learn how other partners like you have utilized the High-Volume Program to help them scale their SMB business

Learn how you can leverage partner relationships to grow faster with less sales effort.

Learn how to scale and accelerate your revenue and growth with packaged offerings

Hear how focusing on industry can shorten your sales cycle, increase your win rate and lower your customer acquisition costs.

How having discipline and saying no to custom implementations can drive volume and margins.

How you can leverage a high volume, packaged model even in industries with complex projects and unique requirements.

Want to migrate 100 customers in 12 months? Advania did.

How one partner now does 65-85 BC customer ads a year with 43 employees.

Velrada Case Study

Microsoft – Overview of the 8 capabilities needed to accelerate volume and scale

“With our new CSM (Customer Sucess Manager) role, we have been able to increase revenue with a set of 10 existing customer by 25%”

“We have completed a major website revamp with fixed price quote engine for BC / CRM / M365 / Telephony (and more to come)”

“This program is really important for those who want to have high volume offers for SMB customers”

Looking to partner with a High Volume SMB Focused Dynamics provider?

If you are a Microsoft partner who does not have the expertise to sell and implement business applications and you have a base of small to mid size customers who could benefit from implementing ERP or CRM as a managed service, here is list of partners who can help you generate a new revenue stream, deliver more value and secure your customer base.

If you are a mature large direct Dynamics partner focused on SMC or enterprise and finding your cost
of acquisition on a 10 user deal is the same as a 100 user deal, here is a list of partners who specialize
in an SMB motion and have an accelerated implementation model that you can hand leads to and still get a piece of the revenue.

If you work for Microsoft and have an SMB prospect your will want to make sure they choose Microsoft over a competitor. Be sure to direct them to a qualified Dynamics partner that has an out of the box SMB optimized and industry specific solution that will meet their needs and budget.