Selling and Marketing during COVID

The world is changing, so should your sales and marketing strategy

Learn 5 tips to making your marketing more relevant in a COVID world:

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Lockdowns and a COVID impacted economy mean we can’t continue to sell and market our technology solutions the same way we always have. With many IT projects currently on hold and sales pipelines thinning out, we also need to re-think and align how we package, price, and offer our products and services. 

Now more than ever, it is critical for us to differentiate our solutions and to deliver immediate measurable business impact. To be relevant, we need to address very specific business challenges and help customers solve new problems. 

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Learn 5 essential tips on how to sell remotely in a COVID impacted world:

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“The workshop Neural Impact conducted with our sales and marketing team has transformed our business development process. Following the workshop we implemented numerous changes in the way we engage new opportunities, present proposals, structure our marketing programs, and organize our web content. The result has been a significant increase in our deal closure rate since we implemented their recommendations. Thank you!”

John Pence
President & Founder of Sunrise Technologies
Recognized as a Finalist for 2017 Microsoft Industry Partner of the Year
Microsoft Distinction in Marketing Award for Overall Best Marketing Campaign – Microsoft Dynamics AX