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Who we are?

Have you ever wanted to join a circus? Welcome to Neural Impact.

A fast-paced environment where you are building relationships, executing neuroscience, and tearing down traditional high tech business strategy, to pack up your stuff and move along to next opportunity and do it all over again. We are a group of thought leaders in neuromarketing, behavioral science and emotional engagement and have been helping thousands of technology firms around the world transform to a SaaS business model for over 10 years. We work exclusively in technology firms. We get it. We talk IOT, AI, CRM, ERP, Azure, IOT, CLV, churn, SEO, SaaS, MRR and more. Our team members have been in the technology industry for up to 30 years. We disrupt traditional on-premise thinking, approach and processes and teach you modern cloud customer acquisition strategies. Many generalist management consulting firms try to do it all. We don’t. We specialize in customer acquisition and cloud business transformation only. We may be based in Canada, but our client scope is worldwide.

Our mission is to help businesses that provide technology products or services to accelerate their customer acquisition and growth strategies through a better understanding of neuroscience, emotional engagement, and tribal behaviour.

Why us? 

We are a team of dynamic sales and marketing professionals ranging in experience, from new grads to 25+ years. Our staff is located across the globe as we are a fully remote team, but that doesn’t stop us from facilitating a fun and stimulating work environment. We can promise you’ll never be bored. Our goal is continuous improvement for both our company but also our team from within. Employee engagement is the corner-stone to our operation, working with you to elevate you professionally, while also having the freedom to ski on weekends or potential travel to participate in corporate conferences. Being a smaller sized company, you will have the ability to try a wide variety of what Neural Impact has to offer, we want to work with you to find the right role, playing to your strengths. Excellent people skills and a passion for teamwork are imperative on our team, as well as a passion for understanding the inner workings of decision making and behavioural economics.

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