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Cloud Offer Development, Packaging
and Pricing Strategy Program

Helping You Transform to a SaaS Business Model

Cloud adoption and changing buying behavior have disrupted the traditional customer acquisition process. Demand for cloud business solutions is growing exponentially, but few technology providers have adequately adjusted the way they package, price, offer and deploy their solutions. Capitalizing on new cloud market opportunities requires that we more effectively respond to and meet a new set of buyer expectations.

Deep customer knowledge and domain expertise in addition to rapid deployment and risk reduction is replacing functional breadth as the new differentiators. In a cloud world customers want choice, to get up and running quickly, to pay as they go, and want the solution to meet their unique business needs-out of the box. 

A tall order indeed. Traditional time and materials project and services pricing is no longer the most effective nor profitable pricing model. Moving to a SaaS model requires more than an investment in cloud solutions and technology, it requires re-thinking what we sell, how we sell and market, how we deliver solutions and extract value.

A more packaged, repeatable and recurring revenue focused strategy will accelerate the customer acquisition process, reduce costs and drive an increase in revenue and margins. Neural Impact is excited to help your organization define a more packaged and repeatable product and service offering strategy.

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Want a better understanding of buyer psychology and how to effectively differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive business environment?

We've teamed up with industry leaders to provide you with tools and strategies for increasing your conversion rates, utilizing neuroscience in your sales/marketing content, and engaging your customers at first contact.


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1. The core elements of focus and value

Learn about industry trends and start building a marketing foundation.

2. Persona marketing, the buyer journey and nurture calendar

Joanne Charley hosts topics covering core marketing strategies. In this webinar, persona-based marketing is discussed.

3. Website Emotional Engagement

Joanne Charley hosts topics covering core marketing strategies. In this webinar, website emotional engagement is discussed.

4. Digital marketing

Joanne Charley covers the fundamentals of how to build and maintain an effective digital marketing program for your business.

5. Digital marketing

In episode five of the Smart Partner Marketing Pros webinar, Neural Impact CMO Joanne Charley talks with others about content and inbound marketing.

6. Modern Digital Selling - Social and Blogs

Learn more about the Partner Benchmarking Tool, boosting site performance, account-based marketing, and more with Neural Impact CMO Joanne Charley.

7. High Impact Marketing Tools

Get a closer look at the latest high-engagement marketing strategies that help convert visitors to buyers and drive business growth, featuring Neural Impact CMO Joanne Charley.