Business application buyers have changed. But has your sales process?


Dynamics 365 sales professional?

If you are a Dynamics 365 sales professional who is frustrated by deals that take forever to bring over the finish line or wants to increase your close rate and deal size, this sales masterclass is for you.

Wrestling with how to close more revenue?

If you’re wrestling with how to close more (larger) deals faster, then we invite you to join this Dynamics 365 Sales Masterclass. Selling business solutions to today’s cloud buyers requires shifting away from high touch, expensive, old school “solution selling” and “BANT” questioning and relying on product demos to win deals. Technology buying decisions are emotional and driven by business pain. Come learn new, modern, proven neuroscience-based sales strategies and tactics which will help you close more revenue.

Dynamics business leader or sales manager?

If you are a Dynamics business leader or sales manager who is too busy managing a shifting forecast to onboard new sales team members or you feel your sales team is losing its edge and could be driving more revenue, you will want your team to join this sales training program.

Gain a Competitive Advantage & Win More Deals with this Business Application Sales Engagement Masterclass

In a commoditized and mature ERP and CRM cloud market, product features and capabilities don’t decide who walks away with POs and who walks away empty-handed. Sales professionals do. We know, because at Neural Impact we’ve coached Dynamics sales professionals on more than 2000 sales opportunities over the past two years alone. We know what it takes to win because we’re engaged in real-world hand-to-hand (sales) combat every day.

Sales Engagement Masterclass Details

4 Week Training Investment:

$1,800 US per participant
$4,500 US per partner company (up to 10 sales participants)
Upcoming Masterclass Dates: Nov 28, Dec 5, Dec 12, Dec 19
7:00am-8:30 Pacific Time

Dynamics Sales Masterclass includes:

  • 4 x 90-minute remote one to few live facilitated training sessions over 4+ weeks
  • Expert training by Neural Impact sales experts with more than 20+ years of CRM and EPR sales expertise
  • One personal, one to one, live active deal coaching call
Space is limited and available on a first come first served basis. Register now and we’ll contact to complete the payment and secure your spot.

Hoping you can join us to learn more about how a handful of small adjustments to your sales team’s behaviors can lead to a big impact on your results.

Participants who will gain the most value: <br>

  • Dynamics 365 sellers
  • Sales managers
  •  Business leaders or Dynamics practice leads who have revenue responsibility


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Mark Stuyt

Chief Growth Officer

Mark is the founder of Neural Impact, a boutique consulting agency that helps clients embed emotional differentiation in their sales and marketing motions. Mark’s deep understanding of the unconscious buying process, coupled with over 25 years of award winning sales excellence results in a contrarian prospect engagement model that truly aligns with today’s radically different buyer behaviour. With over 25 years of sales and sales leadership experience, Mark has held senior channel and direct sales positions with Computer Associates, Pivotal CRM, PeopleSoft, and SAP, where he consistently distinguished himself as a top producer. For the past five years, Mark has worked exclusively with the Microsoft ecosystem working with Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide. Mark’s unique understanding of behavioural economics, customer buying psychology and strategic selling have resulted in significant change throughout the global Microsoft sales ecosystem. He is a regular contributor to many business publications and a frequent guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities.  

Enzo DiMichele

Chief Sales Strategist

Focused on your buyers? Enzo is focused on understanding our buyers and sellers, with more than 25 years global experience as a business and sales leader in consulting and technology. He works with both individuals and organizations to better understand and address complex business challenges, and develop sustainable sales strategies for near term and long term results. His specialties include sales leadership and talent development, assessing and developing sales leadership growth strategies, re-engineering sales processes to increase profit margins, and creating operational efficiencies that focus on customer insights. Enzo was Director of Business Development at Fullscope, National Sales Director for BDO Canada, Director of North American Field Sales for Sage, and GM & Sales Director at Nextec, a national consulting firm, specializing in cloud and on prem ERP, CRM and BI solutions for mid sized business.

Christian Lehmann

Chief Growth Officer

Christian Lehmann leverages his 15 years of executive leadership and expertise in the IT sector to help technology providers accelerate and scale their Microsoft focused practices. He is passionate about helping partners drive growth, increase margins, scale delivery, improve the pre and post sales motion and drive cloud business model and behavioral change. As a former CEO of one of Europe’s largest Dynamics partners, he truly cares about people and can lead any major change – no matter if it is IT-driven, refers to organization development or human resource capabilities. Christian knows how to build project teams that deliver value and helps partners develop strategies that get results. He also brings his former research and expertise as a University Professor of Economics and Business Management at international universities to help partners understand the critical principles and dynamics of behavioral economics and SaaS business model change. 

Craig Hockley

Sales Coach and Trainer

Craig Hockley is passionately focused on helping Neural Impact clients develop and execute winning business and sales strategies. He works intensely with tech managers and sellers to motivate the team and exceed sales goals. Craig brings over 30 years of technology specific sales and leadership experience, having worked with several leading tech companies including IBM (Sales Manager), Dimension Data (General Manager), McAfee (Regional Director), Dell (Regional Director), and Microsoft (Sales Operations and Partner Manager). Craig also has diverse cultural experience having worked with teams, customers and partners across Africa, Middle East, Western, Central and Eastern Europe and North America. He is also a certified business coach and has several years of experience as a dedicated coach and trainer.