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For 15 years Neural Impact has been helping thousands of technology firms around the world transform to a SaaS business model. Engage with us to learn how you too can accelerate your cloud customer acquisition.

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How We Are Different

People are emotionally driven and passionately tribal, not completely motivated by logic. To influence a prospect’s buying decision, we must engage their emotions with an understanding of how the unconscious and conscious brain is wired to behave, react, reward and punish.

We know the technology industry and have 25+ years of sales and marketing expertise.

Unlike other consulting firms, we are thought leaders in neuromarketing, behavioral science and emotional engagement. Our work applies the newest research in brain science to the customer acquisition process.

How We Can Help

Unlike most sales and marketing consulting and training firms that serve customers from consumer-packaged goods to tourism, 100% of our customers are technology firms ranging from Microsoft to firms just like yours. We get it. We talk IOT, AI, CRM, ERP, Azure, IOT, CLV, churn, SEO, SaaS, MRR and more.

Our team members have been in the technology industry for up to 30 years. We disrupt your traditional on-premise thinking, approach and processes and teach you modern cloud customer acquisition strategies.

We understand what motivates the buyer’s brain and how to emotionally engage them during the buying journey. We can teach best practices that will drive your conversion.

Many generalist management consulting firms try to do it all. We don’t. We specialize in customer acquisition and cloud business transformation only. If you need project delivery or technical road mapping, that’s not us.

If you want to expand and grow your business outside of your local domestic market, there are many things to consider. We are based in Canada, but our clients are located all around the world.

We understand the nuances and differences in the current state of the cloud market in the US, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Middle east South Africa, Latin America and across Asia. If you want to know what is and isn’t working in these markets, we can help.

Simplify your customer acquisition strategies and amplify your business impact.

Every experience you have with our team will leave you more enlightened and inspired than you thought possible, with new clarity and great ideas that you will want to implement immediately.

Microsoft partners, ISV’s, resellers, disties, SI’s and other technology firms form around the world who have implemented our strategies have increased their conversions and revenues, closed more deals, and reduced their costs of selling already. Are you ready to do the same?

10 Years Working With Microsoft Partners Around The World

We Are Global

We've facilitated workshops from Moscow to Manhattan to Malaysia.

The Neural Team

Our mission is to help businesses that provide technology products or services to accelerate their customer acquisition and growth strategies through a better understanding of neuroscience, emotional engagement, and tribal behaviour.

___________ ___________

Mark Stuyt

Chief Executive Officer

Mark is the founder of Neural Impact, a boutique consulting agency that helps clients embed emotional differentiation in their sales and marketing motions. Mark’s deep understanding of the unconscious buying process, coupled with over 25 years of award winning sales excellence results in a contrarian prospect engagement model that truly aligns with today’s radically different buyer behaviour. With over 25 years of sales and sales leadership experience, Mark has held senior channel and direct sales positions with Computer Associates, Pivotal CRM, PeopleSoft, and SAP, where he consistently distinguished himself as a top producer. For the past five years, Mark has worked exclusively with the Microsoft ecosystem working with Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide. Mark’s unique understanding of behavioural economics, customer buying psychology and strategic selling have resulted in significant change throughout the global Microsoft sales ecosystem. He is a regular contributor to many business publications and a frequent guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities.

___________ ___________

Sharka Chobot

Chief Transformation Officer

Sharka Chobot is the creator of the CRM product category (1995) and Chief Transformation Officer of Neural Impact. Sharka applies research from behavioral economics, neuroscience and persuasion psychology to help Microsoft partners develop an effective customer acquisition and go to market strategy. She has over 30 years of technology specific expertise and teaches behavioral marketing at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Sharka has worked with hundreds of Microsoft partners on six continents to develop their cloud product, packaging, pricing and vertical market strategy and to accelerate their transition to a SaaS business model.

___________ ___________

Dr. Christian Lehmann

Chief Growth Officer

A highly engaged leader that makes an impact on a single person or entire company. Before Christian made his way into the IT sector, he was a University Professor of economics and business management and has taught in bachelor programs as well as selective MBA programs at some international universities round the globe. With over 15 years’ experience in leadership and consulting in the IT sector, he proved his human centric approach and is passionate about developing people and organizations. As former CEO of a big project-based IT service company he truly cares about human beings and can lead and guide any major change – no matter if it is IT-driven, refers to organization development or human resource capacities. Christian knows how to build project teams that deliver value. He understands as precise strategic thinker how to make an impact in the entire business development. He has a proven record of accomplishment to grow a profitable business. He inspires and motivates every single person with his enthusiasm, communication skills and his smile to drive change and to achieve the envisioned potential.

___________ ___________

Joanne Charley

Chief Marketing Officer

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Joanne has over 30 years of international experience, directing major financial services and information technology industries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. She has worked the world with Microsoft’s top ISV’s and reseller channel and has created and executed both regional and global go to market strategies, focusing on customer retention and cloud transformation and readiness. She has also worked with Hambros Bank, National Mutual Royal Bank and Howard Smith Ltd, Crystal Decisions, SAP Canada, Borland Corporation, Class Software, Fincentric Corporation, and ACL Services. Joanne was also a senior strategist for a leading Australian marketing agency. Joanne is a University Professor of marketing and strategic management and has taught international, digital and behavioral marketing at some of Canada’s top Universities.

___________ ___________

Marcie Weinstein

Master Marketing Strategist

Marcie Weinstein brings more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience working in the technology sector. She has produced extraordinary results with companies such as SAP, Pivotal CRM, Palm Canada Inc, Tech Data Corporation and Ingram Micro. Her passion for marketing inspires her to find fresh ways to improve customer engagement. Since starting with Neural Impact in 2015, Marcie has guided Microsoft partners with digital communication strategies and helped them develop emotional engagement with their clients.

___________ ___________

Emily Stone

Senior Marketing Strategist

Emily leverages her 16 year sales and marketing career at Microsoft where she worked in the UK, US and globally to help Microsoft partners transition to an optimal SaaS sales and marketing strategy and to accelerate and lower their cost of customer acquisition. Having led the Dynamics Partner Marketing strategy globally beginning in 2013 she is able to help partners closely align their growth goals and go to market strategy with Microsoft’s and effectively differentiate and position themselves in the Microsoft ecosystem. Emily is based in the UK and is Neural Impact’s Senior Marketing Strategist

___________ ___________

Dominique Demeulenaere

Chief Cloud Sales Strategist

A highly motivated, results oriented sales leader with over twenty years’ experience within enterprise software and hardware industry. Consistently demonstrates the ability to recruit, coach, develop and manage winning sales executives while exceeding revenue goals. Understands how to create and deliver executive-level value propositions to accelerate and close complex multi-million dollar sales campaigns. Proven record of accomplishment in transforming sales teams to maximize revenue, margin and market share across large enterprise. Expertise in value based messaging, sales execution, coaching and talent acquisition.

___________ ___________

Robert Armstrong

Professional Sales Coach

Robert has been a sales professional with over 40 years experience in all aspects of sales and marketing, from direct quota responsibility to executive sales leadership. Robert has applied expert sales knowledge, industry experience across multiple market segments, with a relentless energy to solve complex sales opportunities. A graduate of Mohawk College with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Robert began his career in 1977 at IBM Canada as a Systems Engineer, the same year that NASA launched Voyager 1, and the original Star Wars movie was released. Robert moved quickly into sales and has been a student of selling high technology solutions throughout his career, closing close to $1B in contracts during this time. In addition to his 17 year work experience at IBM, Robert also provided direct sales, sales management and executive leadership for companies like PeopleSoft, CGI, DiscoverWare and 18 years with TELUS Communications in various divisions throughout the company. Robert is now leveraging his 40+ years of experience coaching sales professionals around the globe. He leverages decades of sales strategy and tactical execution in combination with the science of behavioural economics and buying psychology to maximize sales results that align with customer business goals to those he provides guidance.

___________ ___________

Jordy Starling

Master Video Trainer and Producer

Jordy is a video director, producer, and trainer with a hard focus on authenticity and viewer engagement, giving viewers value, and extending brands into the highly effective world of video. Using this methodology, he has created videos for hundreds of leading tech brands, financial institutions, and post-secondary institutions. He specializes in helping Neural Impact’s clients build internal video creation and editing capabilities enabling them to have a competitive advantage and accelerate sales in a digitally driven marketplace. His remote training and guidance methodology and process enables partners to quickly develop video sales and marketing assets with low impact on marketing departments and budgets.

___________ ___________

Jessie Alexander

Global Programs Manager

Jess has a background is the Telecommunications industry and brings her passion for detail, organization and results to Neural’s global programs. She spends her days planning, scheduling resources, organizing, communicating and measuring results for Neural’s programs and clients. Her energy, creativity, enthusiasm and teamwork helps ensure Neural’s programs drive incredible change and tangible partner outcomes in the Microsoft ecosystem. Jess BA Honours in Applied Economics with an emphasis on Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Behavioral Economics.

___________ ___________

Enzo DiMichele

Chief Sales Strategist

Focused on your buyers? Enzo is focused on understanding our buyers and sellers, with more than 25 years global experience as a business and sales leader in consulting and technology. He works with both individuals and organizations to better understand and address complex business challenges, and develop sustainable sales strategies for near term and long term results. His specialties include sales leadership and talent development, assessing and developing sales leadership growth strategies, re-engineering sales processes to increase profit margins, and creating operational efficiencies that focus on customer insights. Enzo was Director of Business Development at Fullscope, National Sales Director for BDO Canada, Director of North American Field Sales for Sage, and GM & Sales Director at Nextec, a national consulting firm, specializing in cloud and on prem ERP, CRM and BI solutions for mid sized business.

___________ ___________

Joe DeHaai

Chief Sales Strategist

Throughout his career, Joe has used his unique skillset, knowledge and experience to coach and develop sellers. He has a passion for helping salespeople develop winning deal strategies to maximize their potential. Under his leadership at RSM, the Biz Apps sales team went under a big transformation which fueled significant growth – going from 4 sellers with $15M in revenue to 32 sellers with a combined quota of $185M. This resulted from a complete overhaul in sales approach – moving from classic feature/functions ERP selling to one strongly focused on industry, leveraging concepts taught by Neural Impact. It’s therefore fitting that he’s part of the Neural team: as someone who has experienced the game-changing impact that applying neuroscience to sales, marketing & project delivery can have.

___________ ___________

Craig Hockley

Sales Coach and Trainer

Craig Hockley is passionately focused on helping Neural Impact clients develop and execute winning business and sales strategies. He works intensely with tech managers and sellers to motivate the team and exceed sales goals. Craig brings over 30 years of technology specific sales and leadership experience, having worked with several leading tech companies including IBM (Sales Manager), Dimension Data (General Manager), McAfee (Regional Director), Dell (Regional Director), and Microsoft (Sales Operations and Partner Manager). Craig also has diverse cultural experience having worked with teams, customers and partners across Africa, Middle East, Western, Central and Eastern Europe and North America. He is also a certified business coach and has several years of experience as a dedicated coach and trainer.

___________ ___________

Angie Hirata

Growth Strategist

Angie Hirata is a Senior…. at Neural Impact and has over 20 years expertise in marketing and selling SaaS software solutions. She leverages her unique range of experience spanning the customer lifecycle in marketing, sales, and customer success to help Microsoft reseller and ISV partners around the world drive and convert more leads and close more deals. She helps partners apply neuroscience to optimize their messaging, lead generation, marketplace listings and marketing strategy to accelerate SaaS customer acquisition and recurring revenue. Angie has led marketing and sales teams at ActiveState, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, JustSystems, and Maximizer CRM to drive strategic growth resulting in two exits.


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