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Improving sales performance is not just about adding and developing new selling skills. It’s about changing behaviours.

Building a new cloud business practice requires a different sales process and set of sales skills.

Each year, organizations spend tens of thousands of dollars and commit huge amounts of resources on sales training. Yet, usually, the training has little lasting impact on results, or selling behaviour or sales management / leadership. Even with good training, as much as 80% of the newly learned skills are lost within just ONE WEEK, and almost 90% are lost within just one month.


Selling SaaS solutions requires a completely new sales methodology. In a cloud world solution selling is no longer effective and leads to high selling costs and long sales cycles. Sales training is simply the beginning of this very important customer acquisition transformation process.

The two key pivot points that impact a Sales Professional’s behaviors are their Skill Level and their willingness to do the job.

"Neural Impact lives up to their name and stellar reputation. They provided high impact training and coaching that taps into the science and behavior behind the core motives of the buyer. We learned how to accelerate our sales cycles and close deals faster as well as to better discern when to disengage. Our sellers have better focus and purpose and they now bring better insights to customers, allowing them add value in the sales process and close more deals. Neural also helped bring our attention to the vital role our sales leaders and coaches need to play, as a means to drive newly acquired skills into the selling fabric or our organization, which has proven to protect our training investment long term. This is training without regrets."

-Jason Singer, Senior Cloud Market Development Exec., Ingram Micro Cloud

"Enzo has worked with us to operationalize the Neural Impact’s sales methodology. He has developed sales tools to be used by the team and he has trained the team using them. The best part is that we have developed a personalised coaching program with each member of the sales team. By doing that, they have been able to get feedback and reinforcement based on their daily sales missions. Working with real life examples is key to integrate new concepts and have them become habits. Enzo expertise, availability and candidness has accelerated the tool integration by the sales team and preserve the investment on the original sales training. It is always valuable to have discussion with Enzo, he understands how to sell as well how to coach people on how to sell. He had a significant impact on our sales organisation!"

-Félix Robitaille, President CEO, XRM Vision


About The Sales Coach


Enzo DiMichele

Chief Sales Strategist

Enzo is focused on understanding buyers and sellers, with more than 25 years global experience as a business and sales leader in consulting and technology. He works with both individuals and organizations to better understand and address complex sales challenges, and develop sustainable sales strategies for near term and long term results. His specialties include sales leadership and talent development, assessing and developing sales leadership growth strategies, re-engineering sales processes to increase profit margins, and creating operational efficiencies that focus on customer insights.

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"We have worked with many companies, and I can say that Neural Impact was by far the most results driven and professional one. Neural Impact knows and masters the marketing challenges of our industry."

- Émilie Bourque, Marketing Director
The Asset Guardian (TAG)