Neuroscience of Negotiation & Closing Workshop

Are you winning the battle but losing the war? Many technology sales professionals often exit long and expensive sales cycles with either nothing to show for their efforts, or feeling like they gave away too much at the negotiation table. If this sounds familiar, this is the workshop for you.


Tired of losing to competitors and skilled negotiators?

The Negotiation Table

Emotions run high on both sides of the fence during significant technology purchase decisions, especially on large, important deals.

If this sounds familiar, this workshop will help you:

Prevent a “no decision,” even after you’ve won the deal;
Defend your solution pricing (and margins);
Create a sense of emotional business urgency;
Understand how professional business applications negotiators think and prepare;
Overcome emotional objections from senior executives;
Avoid relying on sales leadership to close your deals

Neuroscience of Negotiation

Would you like to learn how to drive a neuroscience-based negotiation and closing sequence?

One that levels the psychological playing field business executives and professional negotiators are trained to manipulate?

If so, this is the workshop where you will learn how to confidently:

Frame your price: value argument;
Expose and overcome emotional objections;
Engage and manage executive emotions;
Anticipate and prepare for advanced negotiation techniques;
Use silence as a negotiating tool;
Connect on a human level with your prospects;
Take control of the contracting process;
Know when to walk away

The Psychology of the Close

Seasoned negotiators are trained to systematically exploit a number of cognitive biases to their advantage, driving lower prices, unfavourable business terms and increased risk for your company. Learn how to prevent this from happening to you during the negotiation stage.

There is a lot of psychology at play during the final phase of the buying cycle, but three primary risks to deal closure:

1. Safety (fear) replaces value (desire) the closer a prospect gets to making a decision.
2. “No decision” probability increases in direct proportion to deal size and buying cycle duration.
3. Deal fatigue sets in as the emotional connection to aging business drivers is lost:
Cognitive Dissonance leads to Status Quo = No decision!

Two core biases most undermine sales professionals’ ability to confidently close deals:

1. Sunk cost bias leads to high costs of selling and low chances of winning when sales professionals stay engaged in an opportunity until the final phone call (even when knowing in their hearts they are in “column B”).
2. Fear of loss contributes to collapsing at the negotiation table (figuratively), in order to salvage the month, or quarter, or year. Loss Aversion Drives Compromise!

Your Workshop Facilitators

Mark Stuyt

Chief Engagement Officer

Mark is the founder of Neural Impact and has over 25 years of sales leadership experience, having held senior channel and direct sales positions with Computer Associates, Pivotal CRM, PeopleSoft and SAP.  His deep understanding of the unconscious buying process and strategic selling has resulted in significant change throughout the global Microsoft sales ecosystem. He is a regular contributor to many business publications and a frequent guest lecturer for Microsoft and colleges and universities.

Bill Crow

Chief Negotiation Officer

Bill retired as a lawyer after 25 years as in-house counsel and legal consultant to major corporations in the software, finance and shipping industries. When not snowboarding or playing hockey, Bill currently negotiates IT contracts for one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, and acts as Neural Impact’s Chief Negotiation Officer.

2-Day Workshop

Due to the hands-on nature of the exercises, workshop attendance is limited to a maximum of sixteen participants. For more information, fill in the short form below and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.

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"Our Emotional Engagement Methodology leverages the latest insights from neuroscience, behavioral economics and cognitive science. We take you from product and feature discussions to why your solutions are strategic to a prospect’s business.
Our proprietary Emotional Engagement Model helps you get to the root of what your prospects really care about. We allow you to then to convert that understanding into digital assets that emotionally resonate with your target industry.
Emotional marketing drives relevance, differentiation and a steady flow of engaged prospects to get you more customers!”
- Sharka Chobot, Chief Transformation Officer
Neural Impact

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- Émilie Bourque, Marketing Director, The Asset Guardian (TAG)

Neural impact really helped us to understand what was important and how to communicate it to the market.

- Michael Holst Andersen, General Manager, Travel Operations A/S