Neuroscience of Negotiation Assessment

  • You are a leading solutions provider in your industry, and that gets you to the table negotiating with customers. Once there, you likely will meet with a professional negotiator, whose sole purpose is to extract blood from a stone. You’re the stone.

    What we’ve seen over many years of conducting IT and business application negotiations (from both sides of the table), is unprepared negotiators losing deals at the last minute, or leaving money on the table. Non-professional negotiators make the same self-destructive mistakes time and again. We have also noted that negotiations with customers often take too long, using expensive legal resources and greatly increasing the cost of sale. To close more deals, obtain the highest revenue and the best business terms, at the lowest cost of sale, you need to become adept at the art of negotiation.

    Take 10 minutes to answer the following questions and we will send you a quick assessment of how likely you are to succeed in your negotiation efforts. We’ll also provide you with recommendations as to how to be a more successful negotiator.
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