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Technology buying behavior has significantly changed and the pandemic has disrupted our traditional way of selling.

Prospects now consistently complete most of their research on-line, then reach out to sales professionals near the end of their buying journey for confirmation. This change leaves us with a limited window to create bias and influence the decision criteria. This scenario is especially challenging with SMB (small, medium business) and MM (mid-market) prospects, who are increasingly looking to consume pre-configured industry solutions to address their business problems.

Every FUNDED IT project or software purchase contains a single Strategic Tipping Point; the moment a prospect decides to buy from a specific vendor over all the others. Historically, the Strategic Tipping Point occurred at the end of the buying process, often during product demonstration or proposal review. Due to the long sales cycle and frequent prospect engagements, sales professionals were able to develop relationships and establish solution differentiation during the Proof or Close phases of a traditional solution selling model.

Today most technology buyers struggle with differentiating one solution from the next based solely on product functionality and price. Solution parity, coupled with the buyer’s preference for rapid implementation and a low risk subscription licensing purchase model, has radically changed traditional selection criteria and buying behavior.

Today’s technology buyers want immediate value, limited risk and low cost. Traditional “tell me what you want, and we’ll build it for you” selling strategies no longer resonate with prospects that expect on demand, industry or workload specific business applications.

Your sales process should align with and be built around the needs of the modern buyer. It should be designed to trigger an emotional, experience-driven Strategic Tipping Point early in the prospect engagement cycle. It should also be configured to counter the traditional resource intensive, “demo-oriented” sales approach that typically leads to highly customized product demonstrations, complex sales cycles and long implementation projects.

Modern buyers want to work with sales professionals who recognize they have already completed a significant amount of research. They will engage with vendors that understand their industry challenges and requirements, bring additional insights and ideas that reduce project risk and simplify the buying experience. Today’s prospects want to buy; they do not want to be sold to. Adding value during the sales process is critical in today’s remote selling environment.

To engineer this experience sales professionals must develop a working understanding of their target industry, conversational competence at both the project lead and business decision maker level, and then execute a prescriptive, structured sales process.

Neural Impact can help you better align your sales process to meet the needs of the modern buyer. We can help you increase your win rates and lower your sales costs. We can teach your sales team the keys to emotional engagement, gaining and emotional bias towards your solution and company and more effectively moving the customer through to buying action.

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Increasing Post-COVID Sales
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Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization Coaching

Package Includes

Neural Impact 1:1 marketing coaching sessions to review your goals, plans, assets and execution to ensure you’re on the right track!

  • 1-hour Marketing Coaching calls: 2x/month
  • Unlimited questions via email*
  • Dedicated marketing coach with additional specialist marketing coaches as required **
  • Coaching will focus on reviewing and providing feedback on areas which may include:
    • Marketing goals
    • Priority of marketing tactics to achieve goals
    • Website review/feedback
    • Messaging frameworks for specific personas
    • Content/asset plans (by persona by stage)
    • Lead generation campaigns
    • Lead follow-up strategies
    • Other ad-hoc marketing questions


3 months (min): $4,500

6 months: $7,500

I want more leads and conversions

*Questions with short answers will be replied to via email. Questions that highlight the need for a longer discussion will be reserved as a topic for the next coaching call.

** Specialist coaching sessions limited to 1 session with a specialist coach within marketing (ie: video coaching); does not include sales coaching.

An accelerated SaaS Sales Process Drives:

  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • Lower Sales Costs
  • Scope Clarity
  • Reduced Project Risk (for both partner and prospect)
  • Greater executive access
  • Defined go / no-go decision points
  • Faster Time to Value for Customers
  • Immediate tangible ROI and visible business impact

Sales Workshops

Objection Handling Workshop

Emotional Discovery Workshop

Are you scaring prospects away? Learn how to switch from asking logical questions to asking emotionally relevant questions.

Emotional Sales Skills Training

Executive Engagement Workshop

Secure access to executives and deliver compelling engagements that lead to a fundamental change in the prospect.

Emotional Proposal Presentation Workshop

Work smarter, not harder on your proposals. Learn how to emotionally engage senior executives towards the end of the sales cycle.

Buyer 2.0 Workshop

Switch from traditional selling to cloud selling while increasing your win rate and decreasing your sales cost.

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“Neural Impact brought a level of energy and focus to our sales and marketing teams. They helped us gain an understanding of the impact of emotional behaviour and to incorporate it into our business cycle. Their compelling stories are memorable and easy to relate to and as such are commonly referenced in our everyday lives today. Whilst still a very recent activity for us, I feel confident we will see tangible results soon.”

Mary Hunter

Columbus Global

“Very simply… the best in the business! Thank you, Neural Impact team for your contributions to our Channel’s success!”

Kevin Armstrong

Global Enterprise Strategy Leader at ENAVATE

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