Neuroscience of Negotiation Coaching Program

Selling over your weight class? Finding yourself at the negotiating table with your customer’s legal team? Don’t leave money on the table or be intimidated to settling for terms that leave you bearing all the risk.

Are you a technology sales professional who needs help closing deals?


Have you seen all your hard work evaporate when you lose a deal, or settle for a bad deal?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions (or all of them), the Neuroscience of Negotiation Coaching Program can help.

Individual Coaching

Neural Impact’s Chief Negotiation Officer, Bill Crow, will work with you one-on-one. Through four, one-hour telephone sessions, you’ll learn how the professional negotiators on the other side think. Don’t take a knife to a gun fight! You’ll receive detailed coaching from an expert, so you’ll be ready for your customers’ negotiators. We’ll cover:

The mistakes most technology sales professionals make when negotiating
The negotiating tactics which aggravate customers the most
How to connect with your customers on a personal level
The four pillars of negotiation: Preparation, Planning, Bargaining, Closing
How to confidently prove the value of your solution
Taking control of your negotiations
Each session, we’ll focus on several aspects of the negotiation process. Some exercises will happen over the phone, but some you’ll prepare for your next session. Yes, you’ll have homework! Take advantage of Bill’s expertise - after four sessions, you’ll be much better prepared to battle your customers’ professional negotiators.

Big Deal Negotiation

Do you have a big deal, maybe a really big deal, coming up? We hope you’ve attended our Neuroscience of Negotiation & Closing Workshop so you’re ready. But if you’re still not confident battling your customer’s professional negotiator, maybe you should bring in one of your own. Neural Impact’s Chief Negotiation Officer, Bill Crow, will join your team (briefly) and guide your one big deal. Bill has negotiated IT deals for 25 years, on both sides of the table, and brings extensive industry expertise to your negotiation. Here’s what Bill can do for you:

Take control of the contracting process
Increase your team’s level of professionalism
Keep your negotiations on track
Shorten the negotiations, saving you time and money
Protect you from common negotiation traps
Defend and justify your pricing
Establish the best business terms possible (price isn’t everything!)
Guide your legal counsel, reducing your legal costs
Lower your risk
Ensure your deal CLOSES

"We have worked with many companies, and I can say that Neural Impact was by far the most results driven and professional one. Neural Impact knows and masters the marketing challenges of our industry."

- Émilie Bourque, Marketing Director
The Asset Guardian (TAG)

"Neural impact really helped us to understand what was important and how to communicate it to the market."

- Michael Holst Andersen, General Manager
Travel Operations A/S

"The emotional marketing sessions that we participated in with Mark were truly game changing for our team at Zero2Ten. We always knew that we had a great message to share with the market, but struggled on how to articulate this message in a way, both verbally and visually, that would create action on the part of our prospects and customers. I would highly recommend that business leader, sales and marketing professionals take the journey. It will be well worth the time!"

- Paul Colella, General Manager


About The Workshop Facilitator


Bill Crow

Chief Negotiation Officer

Bill Crow retired as a lawyer after 25 years as in-house counsel and legal consultant to major corporations in the software, finance and shipping industries. When not snowboarding or playing hockey, Bill negotiates IT contracts for global corporations, leads the Neuroscience of Negotiation & Closing Workshop for Microsoft Partners, and acts as Neural Impact’s Chief Negotiation Officer.

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"Our Emotional Engagement Methodology leverages the latest insights from neuroscience, behavioral economics and cognitive science. We take you from product and feature discussions to why your solutions are strategic to a prospect’s business.
Our proprietary Emotional Engagement Model helps you get to the root of what your prospects really care about. We allow you to then to convert that understanding into digital assets that emotionally resonate with your target industry.
Emotional marketing drives relevance, differentiation and a steady flow of engaged prospects to get you more customers!”
- Sharka Chobot, Chief Transformation Officer
Neural Impact