Video Strategy Remote Workshop

Video Marketing Is a New Core Marketing Capability That Is Here to Stay

With much of the world in lockdown, video has become an even more critical element of your marketing strategy.

Video is personal, more human and a much easier to digest medium than text. Our eyes and brains need a rest from an overabundance of textual information online. Video gives me a sense of who you are and if I can trust you. Business leaders turn to YouTube to self-educate on technology buying decisions – the world watches over 1 billion hours of YouTube video per day. If you have being thinking about investing more time, money and resources into creating videos, we can help ensure you have solid strategy, you target the right audience with a message that engages and converts and you gain a high return on your video investment. Our 3 hour remotely delivered Video Strategy Workshop will help you shift from an ad-hoc video content creation approach to executing on a solid plan and integrated strategy that will give you a real competitive advantage and help you generate and convert more leads.

Video strategy remote workshop agenda

3 Hour Remote Workshop

  • Video strategy goals and outcomes
  • ROI review – current video approach, results and asset mapping
  • Target audience – persona’s and mediums
  • Content strategy – messaging that engages, identifying emotional triggers
  • Driving engagement and conversion – headlines, structure
  • Best practices – What works and doesn’t
  • AppSource/Azure marketplace conversion and engagement videos needed
  • Enabling remote selling and accelerating the sales cycle with video
  • Video execution plan – internal resources, priorities
  • Next steps – specific target customer case studies, content specialists, timeline, etc.

  • 2 Facilitators