• Industry Competitiveness Assessment

    Many business to business companies try to keep their sales and marketing strategy as general and broad as possible in order to reach as many prospective customers as they can. They fear that if they limit their market to a few segments they will miss out on potential revenue. We however have repeatedly seen evidence that it is the companies that focus on competing in only 3 or less verticals that have the highest win rates, shortest sales cycles, lowest costs of selling, highest revenue per customer and lowest customer churn rates. In order to be relevant, add value to your client’s business and sustain a long term competitive differentiation you must become an expert, gain efficiencies and know how to solve your client’s specific business problems better than they can. You can only succeed in doing that if you are repeatedly solving the problem over and over and over again. Take 7 minutes to answer the following questions and we will send you a quick assessment of how competitive you are in your target vertical at this point and provide you with recommendations as to how to be more competitive.

    If you currently sell to more than one vertical industry, you may complete the assessment form multiple times, each time answering the questions with that particular industry in mind. You can then determine which industries you scored the highest or lowest in terms of industry competitiveness.
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