WHY Buyer Persona Profile Generation Tool

  • Attempting to include everyone and speak to a broad audience results in low engagement and poor conversion. Taking time to define your target buyer personas is not only helpful to your sales enablement and content marketing, but can also assist in guiding cloud solution development.

    Welcome to the Buyer Persona Profile generator tool. It is designed to assist you in getting started on defining three specific persona profiles which will help you focus your marketing messaging and content. Make sure you have 15 minutes available before you begin so you have adequate time to think about your answers to get the most value from this exercise.

    A buyer persona describes what the prospect is feeling, thinking and doing during the buying journey. It provides critical insight into what is influencing the buyer’s decision and maps what is happening in their conscious and unconscious brain while they are contemplating options that will alleviate the problem or pain they are experiencing. Included are the buyer’s fears, desires, motivators, attitudes and priority criteria. The profile should not simply be a one-dimensional demographic description of the buyer in terms of age, gender, and position, but be a multi faceted view of the buyers’ complex emotional state.

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  • Define Your “Why” Buyer Persona

    The WHY Buyer Persona is the domain of leadership, strategy and decision-making. WHY is the business owner or senior executive driving the purchase decision and the ultimate decision maker to approve the financial expenditure. He/she wants to understand WHY they should invest time and resources to buy your technology products or services. You must answer “Why should I invest time and money to buy a solution?” and”What will I get out of it?“
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