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Sharka Chobot

Chief Transformation Officer, Neural Impact

Microsoft Inspire 2017 Speaker Excellence Winner

Sharka was recognized for captivating her audience through story-telling and providing valuable insights and information. As proven by her speaker score of 3.8/4 or greater rated by Microsoft partner attendees, Sharka engaged and inspired her audience.

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Popular Speaking Topics

Is Your Transformation To a Cloud Business Model Moving Too Slowly?

Scaling a profitable cloud business requires far more than identifying a market and launching a cloud solution. That’s just the beginning. Pivoting aggressively to cloud means changing your positioning, differentiation strategy, service offerings, selling process and marketing strategy. The most challenging aspect of cloud transformation is changing your mindset, people, processes and internal culture. This session will identify the key challenges that your organization will encounter during your transformation, regardless of where you are on the journey. Come learn specific strategies that will help you accelerate your transformation and successfully manage the change required.

Packaging, Pricing and Positioning Cloud Solutions.

Repeatable cloud solutions are not developed, packaged, positioned or priced like traditional on premise projects. Jumping into offering successful cloud solutions requires shifting from a traditional and project mind frame to a recurring revenue approach, starting with a minimum viable product that addresses specific, compelling vertical industry or workload challenges and launching competitively priced solutions. This session is designed to help cloud partners kick-start and/or, improve and accelerate their cloud pricing and packaging process.

Best Practices in Digital Marketing Engagement.

This session will walk through specific examples of best practices that technology companies are using to increase their online engagement and conversion. In the cloud market, marketing is the new sales. Learn how to apply the latest research and discoveries in neuromarketing to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing and accelerate and optimize the online customer acquisition process.

How to Increase Online Engagement and Drive Conversion.

You have less than 8 seconds before a prospect makes an emotional yes or no decision when they first land on your website. We also know that on average, technology providers are losing up to 63% of their visitors after looking at just one web page. During this session, you will learn why your website and digital marketing isn’t working as well as it could be. Learn specific neuromarketing techniques and strategies that you can implement immediately to increase your digital engagement and online conversion.

What Clients Are Saying

Great Session On a Hot Topic!

This Was So Inspiring!”

Excellent content, very relevant presented by an obviously skilled and current presenter.”

I really have to admit that Sharka is really inspiring, having heard her both at this conference and at Inspire”

Such a timely reminder Shark Chobot. The stuff I learnt from you and Mark Stuyt has served me so well over the last 5 years – I’d go as far as saying it totally shifted my mindset. Hope you’re doing well.”

Why Sharka Chobot

Sharka Chobot is the creator of the CRM product category (1995) and Chief Transformation Officer of Neural Impact. Sharka applies research from behavioral economics, neuroscience and persuasion psychology to help companies develop an effective customer acquisition and go to market strategy.

She has over 30 years of technology specific expertise and teaches behavioral marketing at the University of British Columbia. Just this 6 months, Sharka has traveled to six continents to work with technology providers to develop and accelerate their cloud product, packaging, pricing and vertical market strategy.

In 1996, Sharka took on her greatest business growth and change challenge with Pivotal Corporation, skyrocketing the company from 12 employees and zero revenue to 800 employees and 80 million in revenue in less than 5 years. Deloitte Touche, name Pivotal the 9th fastest growing technology company in North America. During this time Sharka coined and launched a new software product category, called “Customer Relationship Management” or “CRM” as it is known around the world today. Sharka was instrumental in launching Simply Accounting in the 1980s (now Sage), and helped grow ATI technologies (which was acquired by AMD for $5.6 billion).

Sharka’s inspiring talks combine over 30 years of technology marketing leadership expertise, executive coaching and applied neuromarketing. As a behavioral science professor, Sharka integrates the latest consumer psychology and newest discoveries in brain science research into her talks. She has developed a new digital engagement methodology and teaches both students and executives how emotional engagement can accelerate customer acquisition and digital conversion. Her work discusses how both individual and social influences impact the buying cycle and purchase decision making. Sharka’s digital emotional engagement model teaches nine key elements that any business can implement to emotionally engage and convert prospects. Each element is rooted in findings from cognitive science, psychology, behavioral economics, consumer behavior, sociology and more.

Sharka is also a Certified Executive Coach (Royal Roads University) and a Coaching Clinic licensed facilitator (Corporate Coach University, Dallas Texas). She has an Executive MBA and a BBA. Sharka has completed studies at Vancouver Counselling College.

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