Learn the latest techniques to emotionally engage prospects,

and gain technology buyer interest online.

Gain insights into how to get more leads and drive conversion using the latest techniques in neuromarketing. With real-time review, discussion, and recommendations for website messaging, content, and design strategies.

Are You Creating a Deep Level of Emotional Engagement With Your Online Audience?

Did you know that what might be causing your low traffic and conversion is your traditional tech marketing approach and your product-dominated messaging?
It is highly probable that your content is predominantly biased towards a technical buyer and speaks about products, features and functionality more than about your customer’s pains and challenges.

You may also have a mass market horizontal approach in your messaging with the goal of casting your net wide and appealing to as many potential buyers as possible, but what we know is this is ineffective as you end up not being relevant or engaging to any one buyer.

If your home page says you are a great company, have been in business a long time and you have amazing products and technical expertise, then you definitely are not emotionally engaging your prospects, and you are stuck in a traditional on-premise marketing approach.



Listen to What Others Have to Say!

If you are in the process of building a new website or investing in improving your existing one, or you know that your current website isn’t as good as it could be at generating more leads, this workshop is for you.

We have discovered that most of the technology companies we work with have, on average, a 63% or higher bounce rate. That means you may only be keeping the attention of less than a third of the potential prospects which you worked hard to attract to your website.

About The Digital Marketing Workshop

Over the past 10 years, neuroscience has helped us discover that buyers do not make rational decisions when purchasing technology. Most technology purchases are driven by emotions – fear of falling behind competitors, inability to forecast accurately, fear of losing customers or of being hacked, etc. Buyers want to know that you understand their unique business needs; more and more, they are self-educating online and remaining anonymous, so traditional outbound product messaging is no longer effective in getting their attention.

We have designed the two-day workshop to help marketers increase engagement and gain a faster acquisition cycle. This course enables you to leverage your traditional marketing techniques and optimize them with proven digital media marketing strategies. Tech marketers who implement our best practices, which are all anchored in the teachings of neuromarketing, behavioral economics and more, can triple their monthly leads and increase the quality and conversion rates of the leads that they do get.

About The Workshop Facilitator

Sharka Chobot

Chief Transformation Officer

Sharka Chobot is the creator of the CRM product category and Chief Transformation Officer at Neural Impact. Sharka is a professor of marketing and behavioral science and applies the latest advances in neuroscience to help technology solution providers optimize their product development strategy and accelerate their customer acquisition processes.



Joanne Charley

Chief Marketing Officer

Joanne Charley leverages her 30 years of international experience with major financial services and information technology companies across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific to help technology providers around the world accelerate their customers acquisition process. Joanne was a senior strategist for a leading Australian marketing agency and is a University Professor of marketing and strategic management teaching international, digital and behavioral marketing at some of Canada’s top Universities.


Gain actionable digital marketing best practices to increase emotional engagement. Learn how to attract more prospects, gain emotional bias towards your company, convert more leads, and increase win rates. Learn modern marketing strategies and tactics that will give you a substantial selling advantage over your competitors.

Learn the latest discoveries and most current research in the areas of cognitive science, psychology, behavioral economics, consumer behavior, anthropology, and more.

This workshop is $8,500 US per custom workshop tailored to your company, for groups of 3-30 participants + Travel & Expenses

Start converting more leads through neuroscience with this valuable workshop today.