Proactive Migration Acceleration Program

Much of your revenue is still extracted from your existing customer base, and increasing your up-and-cross-sell activities is important. However, you are still faced with a large install base of on-premises NAV customers who have yet to embrace the cloud, risking being left behind as their competitors harness AI automation capabilities like Microsoft Copilot. Now is your time and chance to seize the cloud migration opportunity before someone else does. It is the time to refine your cloud value proposition and messaging and get them to move.

Proactive Migration Acceleration Program delves into all the critical aspects of executing a successful migration strategy to secure a significant share of the expansive cloud migration market.

You’ll gain valuable insights into sales, marketing, delivery and customer success strategies that accelerate the migration journey and increase Customer Lifetime Value

In an economically challenging time, where capital is preserved and re-prioritized, it is essential to reconnect with your customers emotionally, and provide them with a proactive migration strategy. They are at risk of being stolen by competitors or other Dynamics partners, targeting them with a campaign or lowball migration offer. With identifying specific needs of your existing customer base to designing and implementing tailored-package solutions that minimize resistance will equip your teams to accelerate the migration journey and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

Core Focus topics included​

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Christian Lehmann

Chief Growth Officer

Christian Lehmann leverages his 15 years of executive leadership and expertise in the IT sector to help technology providers accelerate and scale their Microsoft focused practices. He is passionate about helping partners drive growth, increase margins, scale delivery, improve the pre and post sales motion and drive cloud business model and behavioral change. As a former CEO of one of Europe’s largest Dynamics partners, he truly cares about people and can lead any major change – no matter if it is IT-driven, refers to organization development or human resource capabilities. Christian knows how to build project teams that deliver value and helps partners develop strategies that get results. He also brings his former research and expertise as a University Professor of Economics and Business Management at international universities to help partners understand the critical principles and dynamics of behavioral economics and SaaS business model change. 

Joe DeHaai

Chief Sales Strategist

Joe brings decades of experience in the realm of business advisory services, with a laser focus on fostering growth and enhancing customer acquisition. His expertise extends beyond conventional sales processes, embracing the principles of behavioral science to help professional services and technology firms optimize their go-to-market strategies. Joe is renowned for his ability to shift sales approaches from traditional feature-and-function selling to a strategy deeply rooted in industry-specific and business value propositions, harnessing the power of neuro-engagement concepts. During his tenure at RSM, Joe’s leadership steered the business applications consulting practice through a remarkable transformation, propelling significant growth. Under his guidance, the team expanded from a modest 4 sellers generating $15 million in revenue to a formidable force of 32 sellers, collectively driving over $500 million.