ISV Cloud Customer Acquisition Acceleration Workshop

Designed to specifically help ISV's bring cloud solutions to the market, improve lead quality and conversion, increase website engagement, and accelerate customer acquisition.


Cloud adoption and changing buying behavior have disrupted the traditional customer acquisition process;

leaving many ISV’s with ineffective marketing and sales strategies that cannot support the emerging cloud business model.

Demand for cloud business solutions is growing exponentially, but few ISV organizations have adjusted their methods or processes to engage a very different set of buyer expectations. With customer knowledge and risk reduction replacing functional breadth as the new differentiators, traditional outbound marketing and solution selling tactics no longer drive the same win rates and project profitability of the past.

Designed exclusively for Microsoft ISV partner leadership, the Cloud Go-to Market Strategy Workshop focuses on solution definition, marketing engagement, selling processes, and service offering adjustments that accelerate the development of a healthy cloud/SaaS practice.

What will you come away with?

Insight into the primary forces driving and impeding SaaS business model transformation

A clearly defined cloud solution value proposition and competitive differentiation

Better understanding of the changing needs of Buyer 2.0

New strategies for packaging and pricing your cloud offers

Persona-based online buying journey map

New potential solution offerings that leverage the extended Microsoft stack/platform

A proven go to market methodology and approach that can be applied to any new industry, vertical or workload

Three (3) compelling packaged cloud offerings and value-add subscription-based services for three (3) key target client groups

An industry/vertical Emotional Messaging Framework that drives product development, sales and marketing messaging

10 neuromarketing techniques that can be immediately implemented to increase marketing engagement and improve lead conversion

AppSource and Azure Marketplace listing optimization tips

Modern digital marketing best practices

A clear understanding of how to build trust and credibility in a digital world



Key Topics Include:

  • Shifting from a product to a market driven focus
  • Creating a differentiated cloud solution set & value proposition
  • Marketing as a strategic cloud growth driver
  • Marketing is becoming the new sales
  • Reimagining the cloud customer acquisition process
  • Accelerating and shortening the sales cycle to improve your win rates
  • Developing Emotional Messaging - creating high-impact content
  • Digital engagement - converting reluctant cloud prospects
  • Shifting from Outbound to Inbound & Optimizing the Nurture Process
  • Packaging, pricing, and positioning cloud offers

"Our Emotional Engagement Methodology leverages the latest insights from neuroscience, behavioral economics and cognitive science. We take you from product and feature discussions to creating a compelling sense of desire and urgency in your prospects.

Our proprietary Emotional Messaging Framework helps you get to the root of what your prospects really care about. Then you'll convert that understanding into digital assets that emotionally resonate with your target industry.

Emotional marketing drives relevance, differentiation and a steady flow of engaged prospects to get you more customers!"

Sharka Chobot, Chief Transformation Officer
Neural Impact



"We have worked with many companies, and I can say that Neural Impact was by far the most results driven and professional one. Neural Impact knows and masters the marketing challenges of our industry."

Émilie Bourque, Marketing Director
The Asset Guardian (TAG)

"Neural impact really helped us to understand what was important and how to communicate it to the market."

Michael Holst Andersen, General Manager
Travel Operations A/S

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