Want to Accelerate Your SaaS Revenue and Drive Faster Customer Acquisition?
We can Help

Marketing and selling new cloud solutions in a digitally dominated marketplace requires increased lead generation, higher conversion rates, lower costs of selling and shorter sales cycles. Driving recurring revenue  takes disrupting your traditional software packaging, pricing, marketing, sales and technical support  motion.

 We can help validate your SaaS strategy and apply neuro science to your cloud business approach to gain a competitive advantage and accelerate your sales growth.  

Highlighting your products' features and benefits seems logical, so why aren't you converting more leads?

Because you're creating and marketing solutions that appeal to your customers' logical brain.

As many technology product categories become increasingly commoditized, emotional engagement, tribal resonance, and disruptive teaching become the new differentiators. Put simply, if you can’t teach your prospects something new or add value to what they are already doing, you will struggle to reach more than a 20% win rate and many opportunities will end in a “no decision” outcome. We can help you apply behavioral science and best practices to increase your pipeline, close more deals and shorten your sales cycle, while lowering your cost of selling. 

Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization Coaching

What you Get

Neural Impact 1:1 marketing coaching sessions to review your goals, plans, assets and execution to ensure you’re on the right track!

  • 1-hour Marketing Coaching calls: 2x/month
  • Unlimited questions via email*
  • Dedicated marketing coach with additional specialist marketing coaches as required **
  • Coaching will focus on reviewing and providing feedback on areas which may include:
    1. Marketing goals
    2. Priority of marketing tactics to achieve goals
    3. Website review/feedback
    4. Messaging frameworks for specific personas
    5. Content/asset plans (by persona by stage)
    6. Lead generation campaigns
    7. Lead follow-up strategies
    8. Other ad-hoc marketing questions

      3 months (min): $4,500 US 
      6 months: $7,500

I want more leads and conversions

*Questions with short answers will be replied to via email. Questions that highlight the need for a longer discussion will be
reserved as a topic for the next coaching call.

** Specialist coaching sessions limited to 1 session with a specialist coach within marketing (ie: video coaching); does not
include sales coaching.

Learn how we help Executives close more deals than competitors, increase margins, and accelerate growth and customer acquisition.

Learn how we help Marketing Leaders get more leads, transform traditional marketing practices, and increase conversion rates.

Learn how we help Sales Leaders lower selling costs, increase their win rates to over 20%, and expand globally.

Find help honing your message or how you stack up against the competition with tools built specifically for you

“Throughout the years, we have leveraged Neural Impact’s vast knowledge of buyer behaviour, emotional/psychological selling and sales management often. While we have engaged with them in building out strategic programs that have had a significant impact on our business, I’ve often come away with long-lasting insight from the casual conversations I’ve had bouncing ideas off of over the years. They’ve had a profound impact on PowerObjects, both strategically and profitably.”

Jim Sheehan

PowerObjects, acquired by HCL