Delivery Team Training

If your Business Central practice growth is limited by scarce delivery resources, this program can help.

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Beyond Product &
Project Delivery Training…

Drive Project Revenue & Success by Expanding your Delivery Teams’ Capabilities 

Your revenue growth and profitability is dependent upon efficiently delivering projects that meet customer expectations, are completed on time and on budget. You have new hires or existing professional services experts with years of delivery experience and possibly even Microsoft product knowledge as well. What many Microsoft partner delivery teams lack is the ability to resolve conflicts, manage client emotions and fears, get buy in and upsell. This Neural Impact program is a series of bi-weekly workshops with Business Central consultant recruits designed to help them develop a set of standardized project delivery strategies and techniques that support value creation and differentiation. 

Program participants will attend 4 live sessions remotely facilitated by Neural Impact experts and apply learnings between sessions.

Videos, tools, and content will be available for participants for self-study and workbooks will be provided to complete homework. All self-study and homework will be checked for completeness, and instructors will review a sample homework submission at the beginning of each training session to allow participants to validate their results. 

Self-study and homework time commitment of 2-3 hours per session. 


Cost per partner: $x,xxx 

Target Partner Personas

Chief Executive Officer  

Dynamics Practice Lead 


VP Marketing  

VP Development 

Chief Operations Officer 

Career Changer  

College Graduate 

Delivery Practice Consultants 

Project Manager 

Software Developer 

Readiness Content 

Virtual Learning Journey

Program Leaders

Christian Lehmann

Chief Growth Officer

With over 15 years’ of experience in leadership and consulting in the IT sector, Christian is passionate about developing people and organizations. As the former CEO of one of Germany’s largest Microsoft partners, Christian understands and has successfully navigated the cloud transformation journeyAs the leader of both customer acquisition and project delivery teams, Christian knows how to build teams that deliver value 

Joe DeHaai

Chief Sales Strategist

Joe brings decades of experience in the realm of business advisory services, with a laser focus on fostering growth and enhancing customer acquisition. His expertise extends beyond conventional sales processes, embracing the principles of behavioral science to help professional services and technology firms optimize their go-to-market strategies. Joe is renowned for his ability to shift sales approaches from traditional feature-and-function selling to a strategy deeply rooted in industry-specific and business value propositions, harnessing the power of neuro-engagement concepts. During his tenure at RSM, Joe’s leadership steered the business applications consulting practice through a remarkable transformation, propelling significant growth. Under his guidance, the team expanded from a modest 4 sellers generating $15 million in revenue to a formidable force of 32 sellers, collectively driving over $500 million.