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Value Proposition Generator

You likely already know the value you deliver to customers with your products or services. The challenge is communicating that value in less than 10 seconds or in one succinct written sentence on your website and marketing assets. We have helped hundreds of companies through this process and have created this free tool to save you hours of work.

Mini Audit

Can't Figure Out Why You're Not Converting? Try our free mini audit tool to find out!

Buyer Persona Profile Generator

Attempting to include everyone and speak to a broad audience results in low engagement and poor conversion. Taking time to define your target buyer personas is not only helpful to your sales enablement and content marketing, but can also assist in guiding cloud solution development.

Marketplace Listing Assessment

This self-guided worksheet is designed to help you assess if your AppSource / Azure Marketplace listing page is effective from an emotional engagement perspective. When prospects find your app on the AppSource / Azure Marketplace you only have a few seconds to get their attention and stimulate enough interest to move them to take action. The latest research in neuro marketing has been incorporated and applied in this assessment to help you identify what changes to make to increase your engagement level and conversion rate.

Emotional Email Generator

What your email open rate? Probably not that high. Most marketing emails don’t get opened. And even if they do, most prospects won’t read very much or act on them. We are bombarded with emails and spam, so you need to emotional engage them to catch their interest. We have incorporated some of the latest neuromarketing techniques into this. It will help you quickly and easily write a much more emotionally compelling email which will increase your conversion. Answer the questions below and we’ll send you a rough draft you can tweak and send in minutes!

Forces: Moving to the Cloud

How well are you transforming to the cloud? Conduct a quick assessment to see what is propelling you to move to the cloud vs slowing down your transformation and holding you back.

Industry Competitiveness Assessment

Take 7 minutes to answer the following questions and we will send you a quick assessment of how competitive you are in your target vertical at this point and provide you with recommendations as to how to be more competitive.

Neuroscience of Negotiation Assessment

Take 10 minutes to answer the following questions and we will send you a quick assessment of how likely you are to succeed in your negotiation efforts. We’ll also provide you with recommendations as to how to be a more successful negotiator.

“The workshop Mark conducted with our sales and marketing team has transformed our business development process. Following the workshop we implemented numerous changes in the way we engage new opportunities, present proposals, structure our marketing programs, and organize our web content. The result has been a significant increase in our deal closure rate since we implemented Mark’s recommendations. Thank you, Mark!”

- John Pence
President & Founder of Sunrise Technologies
Recognized as a Finalist for 2017 Microsoft Industry Partner of the Year
Microsoft Distinction in Marketing Award for Overall Best Marketing Campaign - Microsoft Dynamics AX

Our mission is to help businesses who provide technology products or services accelerate their customer acquisition and growth strategies through a better understanding of neuroscience, emotional engagement and tribal behaviour.