• AppSource / Azure Marketplace Listing Marketing Assessment

    This self-guided worksheet is designed to help you assess if your AppSource / Azure Marketplace listing page is effective from an emotional engagement perspective. When prospects find your app on the AppSource / Azure Marketplace you only have a few seconds to get their attention and stimulate enough interest to move them to take action. The latest research in neuro marketing has been incorporated and applied in this assessment to help you identify what changes to make to increase your engagement level and conversion rate.

    For each of the questions that follow please choose ONE best answer. Once completed we will immediately email you a summary of your results.
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  • Tribal Engagement

  • Emotional Engagement Triggers

  • Visual Stimulation

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  • Curiosity and Persuasion

  • Proof of Claims

  • Action Engagement

  • Effectiveness of App Listing

  • App Potential

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