Episode #2 - Accelerate Your Sales Process

Mark Stuyt: He's going to show you how neuroscience can boost your sales.

In this episode...

We'll explore how the tech buyer has changed and how you can use neuroscience to accelerate your sales process. Mark shares his deep understanding of the unconscious buying process and why it's so important to change the traditional sales approach.

What will I be able to do after this podcast?

1. Create more effective and engaging sales presentations.

2. Gauge where customers are in the sales cycle faster.

3. Understand what happens in the brain during purchasing situations.

Why should I listen to Mark?

Mark is the founder of Neural Impact. His deep understanding of the unconscious buying process, coupled with over 25 years of award-winning sales excellence, results in a contrarian prospect engagement model that truly aligns with today’s radically different buyer behavior. With over 25 years of sales and sales leadership experience, Mark has held senior channel and direct sales positions with Computer Associates, Pivotal CRM, PeopleSoft, and SAP, where he consistently distinguished himself as a top producer. For the past five years, Mark has worked exclusively with the Microsoft ecosystem working with Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide. Mark’s unique understanding of behavioral economics, customer buying psychology, and strategic selling have resulted in significant change throughout the global Microsoft sales ecosystem. He is a regular contributor to many business publications and a frequent guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities.


Key Takeaways

1. Companies are switching to a subscription-based revenue model.

2. Customers want smaller up-front commitments.

3. Sales professionals need to have deep, rich domain knowledge in their segment and teach the customer something new.

4. Primacy and recency. Our brains pay attention to beginnings and ends. Front-load your presentations by presenting your best material first.

5. Every business has  3 types of decisions makers:

-“What” people care about features and functions.

-“How” people are responsible for business processes. They care about efficiency and ease of solution integration.

-“Why” people argue for capital and own business outcomes. They care about money, risk, and control.

6. Our brains don't like complexity. Focus on simplicity, ease, and safety.

5. Monitor outcomes, track customer purchasing behavior, and actively revise your content, messaging, and strategy. 


Podcast Host

Sharka Stuyt

Guest Interviewee 

Mark Stuyt


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Episode #1 – Marketing Is Changing

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Joanne Charley: She’s going to shift your marketing focus.

In this episode…

We’ll explore how marketing has changed over the years and how we need to start thinking about it differently in the future. Leading neuroscience research and psychology has revealed emphatic evidence for the role emotions play in our purchasing decisions.

What will I be able to do after this podcast?

1. Create emotional marketing content that improves customer interactions and increases your conversions.

2. Learn how to accelerate your customer acquisition process.

3. Create marketing content that is attractive, attention-grabbing, and memorable. You’ll learn to create biases and motivate action.


Why should I listen to Joanne?

As Chief Marketing Officer for Neural Impact, Joanne Charley has more than 30 years of sales and marketing expertise.  Originally from Sydney, Australia, Joanne has international experience, directing major financial services and information technology industries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. She has created and executed both regional and global go-to-market strategies, focusing on customer retention and transformational readiness. Joanne has worked with Hambros Bank, National Mutual Royal Bank and Howard Smith Ltd, Crystal Decisions, SAP Canada, Borland Corporation, Class Software, Fincentric Corporation, and ACL Services. Joanne was also a senior strategist for a leading Australian marketing agency. Joanne is a University Professor of marketing and strategic management and has taught international, digital and behavioral marketing at some of Canada’s top Universities.

Key Takeaways

1. Be market-driven and customer-centric.

2. Line-of-business is making more technology purchases than ever before.

3.  Targeting, segmenting, value propositions,  differentiation,  and value-added services are here to stay.

4. You can launch a marketing campaign faster than ever before.to track results and get feedback to rework our content and strategy.

5. Monitor outcomes, track customer purchasing behavior, and actively revise your content, messaging, and strategy. 


Podcast Host:

Sharka Chobot

Guest Interviewee:

Joanne Charley


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