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If your company builds, sells, integrates, and/or implements technology solutions as your core business, we can help. If you are actively in the process of shifting from a traditional on-premise business model to a cloud based SaaS model, we can help accelerate the process and share best practices. Transforming how you develop, sell, position, market, package, price, and deliver your technology solutions is no easy feat. There are many risks and challenges along the way. We’ve helped hundreds of tech companies through the transition, and we would love to help you too.

Drive Sales Velocity

Join TekStack and Neural Impact on April 14th, 2021 for a 45min webinar discussing how Microsoft partners can increase sales velocity in this new normal.

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Strategic Clarity

  • Strategic Alignment w Core
    Business Objectives
  • New Practice Development Strategy
  • Market Clarity & Opportunity Assessment
  • Target Vertical Industries
  • Measurement & Benchmarking
  • Business Case Validation
  • Accelerate Cloud Transformation
  • Driving Organizational Change
  • Leadership Development

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Product Offer Clarity

  • Minimum Lovable Product Definition
  • Product Offer Definition
  • Solution Packaging & Pricing Strategy

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Services Offer Clarity

  • Delivery Strategy & Oprimization
  • Adoption Services Definition
  • Deployment & Acceleration Services Definition
  • Consumption Optimization Services Definition
  • Service Packaging & Pricing Strategy

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Positioning & Messaging Clarity

  • Value Proposition Definition
  • Sustainable Competitive Differentiation
  • Target Vertical Industry Selection
  • Key Market Segment Definition
    (co size, geo, etc)
  • Buyer Persona Definition
  • Core Industry Messaging Framework
  • Proof and Evidence

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GTM Clarity

  • Branding Considerations
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Direct Strategy Development
  • Channel Strategy Development
  • Sales and Marketing Enablement
    Asset Identification & Development
  • Industry Specific Marketing
  • Microsoft Co-sell Strategy
  • P2P Strategy

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Marketing and Sales
Enablement Clarity

  • Strategies to Get Found
    (content strategy, social, etc.)
  •  Increasing Lead Flow and Pipeline
  • Cloud Buyer Engagement
    and Conversion
  • Content Calendar and Nurture
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Azure/AppSource
    Marketplace Listing Optimization
  • Emotional Messaging and
    Buyer Resonance
  • Buyer Persona and Journey Mapping
  • Channel Training and Enablement
  • Video Case Studies and Sales
    Enablement Content Development
  • Marketing Resources, Budgets and Goals

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Sales Clarity

  • Aligning with New Cloud
    Buyer Behavior
  • Sales Process Definition
  • Remote Selling Adjustments
  • Accelerating the Sales Cycle
  • Sales Management in a Remote World
  • Marketing Driven Sales Process
  • SaaS & Cloud Based Compensation Models
  • Accelerated Cloud Sales Coaching
  • Sales Asset Definition
    (Videos, proposals, Demos)
  • Accelerated, Remote, Cloud Sales Skills
    Assessment and Development
  • Prospect Engagement Skills Development
  • Sales Operations Optimization
  • Hiring & Onboarding Sales Professionals

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Economic Clarity

  • Monetization Strategies
  • Profitability Modelling and Optimization
  • People Resourcing Strategy
  • Operationalization Changes Needed
    (billing, KPI’s, etc)
  • Compensation Strategy Development
  • Sales Forecast Development
  • Channel Partner Economics

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Customer Lifetime Value
Optimization Clarity

  • Land and Expand – Upselling, Cross Selling
  • Renewal Sales & Marketing
  • Existing Customer Nurture
  • Advocacy, Building Trust and Credibility
  • Demonstrating Proof of Value
    (case studies, ROI metrics)
  • Driving Consumption and
    Customer Lifetime Value

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Need Help Selling and Marketing Remotely During the Pandemic?

Listen to Mark’s 5 essential tips on remote selling in a COVID impacted world:

We can help! We have been specializing in accelerated remote selling and marketing for 10 years.

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2021 Microsoft Partners of the Year Winners

Andrew King

Partner at WebSan Solutions

Thanks so much Sharka Chobot! Appreciate all you do for us and your unwavering support!

WebSan’s Story

David Kohar

Partner at eLogic

Thanks Sharka. It was a great team effort and awesome recognition for us.

eLogic’s Story

Trudi Allerby


Thanks Sharka! There’s no question the work we’ve done with your team has had a hugely positive impact on us and the way we show up. Thanks for everything!

Fusion5’s Story

Daniel McCarthy

CEO, Mobile Mentor

And Thank you Sharka Chobot for showing us the way 🙂

Mobile Mentor’s Story

Denis O’Shea

Founder of Mobile Mentor

Sharka, honestly you, and Neural Impact have transformed how we think about marketing. It took a while but we are devout believers now 🙂 Thanks so much for your ongoing support and mentorship, I really appreciate it.

Mobile Mentor’s Story

Vicky Critchley

CEO Bam Boom Cloud

Thanks Sharka Chobot. We appreciate all your help!

Bam Boom Cloud’s Story

Saul Sabath

Managing Director at Velrada

Thank You!

Velrada’s Story

See How We Can Help

We know you have choices when looking to hire a consulting firm to help you acquire more customers and transform to a SaaS business model. Your business is unique and you want to work with a company that already understands your specific business. 100% of our customers are technology firms and fall into the following categories: ISV’s/software publishers, VAR’s, SI’s, Distributors, MSP’s and leading AI, IOT and big data solution providers.

Want to accelerate your customer acquisition?

increase your recurring revenue and drive higher margins 

Our high volume framework will help you shift from being a traditional project based and heavily sales driven company to be a more scalable, high volume SaaS technology provider.

Looking For a Speaker to Inspire

And Engage At Your Next Virtual Conference or Event?

NEW From Neural Impact

We are now offering a REMOTE Packaging and Pricing Strategy Workshop!

Delivered completely remotely via TEAMS and Whiteboarding app.

Video strategy remote workshop agenda

3 Hour Remote Workshop

  • Video strategy goals and outcomes
  • ROI review – current video approach, results and asset mapping
  • Target audience – persona’s and mediums
  • Content strategy – messaging that engages, identifying emotional triggers
  • Driving engagement and conversion – headlines, structure
  • Best practices – What works and doesn’t
  • AppSource/Azure marketplace conversion and engagement videos needed
  • Enabling remote selling and accelerating the sales cycle with video
  • Video execution plan – internal resources, priorities
  • Next steps – specific target customer case studies, content specialists, timeline, etc.
  • 2 Facilitators

“No one I know understands buying behaviour like Neural Impact. We brought them in a year ago for an Enterprise Sales Workshop, which provided us with a concise, customized list of action items intended to accelerate our sales process and increase our win ratio. This year our win rates and sales results are 20% ahead of last year’s and we are still improving. Thanks, Neural Impact!”

Jack ades

Co-Chief Executive Officer, AKA Enterprise Solutions Inc

“Building visibility in the online market is just as important as building an actual cloud product. This journey starts in the website and goes through marketing, sales, and pricing. Overall, it’s about finding the right mindset for effective and efficient customer onboarding. Neural Impact was a huge booster for us in every phase of our project. Since then, we have been able to reduce our average customer onboarding effort by over half. To every ISV out there, we strongly recommend taking this journey with Neural Impact.”

Mark Fahrni

CEO, Swiss Salary