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If your company builds, sells, integrates, and/or implements technology solutions as your core business, we can help. If you are actively in the process of shifting from a traditional on-premise business model to a cloud based SaaS model, we can help accelerate the process and share best practices. Transforming how you develop, sell, position, market, package, price, and deliver your technology solutions is no easy feat. There are many risks and challenges along the way. We've helped hundreds of tech companies through the transition, and we would love to help you too.


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We know you have choices when looking to hire a consulting firm to help you acquire more customers and transform to a SaaS business model. Your business is unique and you want to work with a company that already understands your specific business. 100% of our customers are technology firms and fall into the following categories: ISV’s/software publishers, VAR’s, SI’s, Distributors, MSP’s and leading AI, IOT and big data solution providers.

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Solutions specifically built to help grow your technology business

get more leads

Get More Leads

Generate more leads and learn to optimize opportunity conversions through a series of audits, workshops, and strategy consulting.

emotional selling

Emotional Selling

Lose less deals, accelerate your customer acquisition and lower your cost of selling with our integrated workshops and training programs.

accelerate SaaS business transformation

SaaS Transformation

Reach new levels of success in your business and accelerate your cloud and SaaS transformation with our coaching programs.

inspire your team

Motivate Your Team

Inspire your audience with compelling and dynamic industry specific experts ready to speak at your next customer conference, sales kick off, or company event.

Looking for a speaker to inspire and engage at your next conference or corporate event?

Sharka Chobot

Microsoft Inspire 2017 Speaker Excellence Winner

Sharka Chobot is the creator of the CRM product category, a professor of marketing and behavioral science and the Chief Transformation Officer at Neural Impact. Sharka applies the latest advances in neuroscience to help Microsoft partners around the globe optimize their product strategies and accelerate their customer acquisition processes.

Sharka's topics of discussion include: Best Practices in Digital Marketing Engagement; How to Increase Online Engagement and Drive Conversion; Packaging, Pricing, and Positioning Cloud Solutions; and more!

Mark Stuyt

Chief Engagement Officer, Neural Impact

Leveraging his deep understanding of the unconscious buying process and 25+ years of award winning sales excellence, Mark works with business leaders to accelerate and optimize their customer acquisition process.

Mark's topics of discussion include: Cloud Selling, the Prescriptive Selling Approach, How to Deliver Compelling Proposals, and more!

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Ok, so you might be thinking about hiring a generalist management consulting firm who can help you with a broad set of services. We have a strong belief that in today’s virtual world, it is better to hire an expert who specializes in the area that you need the most help with. We are deeply focused and specialize on one core motion only: accelerating cloud customer acquisition. So if you want to get more customers, faster, and at a lower cost, we are the right team for you.

Don’t settle for a consulting firm that is stuck in the past, and that will recommend the same traditional outdated sales and marketing motions we have been seeing in the tech industry for 30 years. The reason we are a trusted partner to Microsoft and many similar tech firms is that our expertise lies in neuroscience. All of our work is anchored in behavioral economics, persuasion psychology and modern buying behavior.

Technology buyers are not logical; they tend to make emotional decisions. We in the tech sector focus way too much on selling products, features and functionality, while relying on product demos to win deals. Our clients get more leads, have higher conversion rates, achieve 50%-80% win rates, have lower costs in customer acquisition, shorter sales cycles, higher revenue growth and greater margins than their competitors because they apply neuroscience to their sales and marketing processes.  

You may feel more comfortable hiring a local firm that is near where you are based. But if you want to grow, scale and expand to new global markets, we recommend you hire a firm that can teach you the best practices from around the world. We are based in Canada (yes we are very polite and nice, eh?), but our clients are located all over North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East.  

You feel a sense of urgency and need to drive more change faster to stay ahead of your competitors while retaining your customer base, don’t waste your valuable time educating your new consulting partner on your business model, technology or market nuances.

Selling and marketing cloud solutions to business buyers requires a very different strategy than selling Nike shoes or groceries. We breathe and speak SaaS, ERP, CRM, Azure, Cloud, AI, IOT and more, so we can help you immediately because we get it. No ramp time needed.

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Are you disappointed with the response rates of your marketing? Highlighting your solutions strengths and benefits seems logical, so why aren't you generating more qualified leads?

Probably because you're marketing to your prospect's intellect rather than emotions. Let us help you increase the conversion strength of your marketing assets.


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Sales Leaders Choose Us


Is your sales process too long? Expensive? Ineffective? Outdated?

Learn the factors of effective emotional selling.

Let us help you align with Buyer 2.0 and create a bias towards your company during the sales process.

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Are you struggling to grow your revenue? Are your profit margins shrinking every year?
Do you need to accelerate a digital transformation strategy?

Let us impact your business through leadership development and our understanding of neuroscience, emotional engagement and tribal behaviour.

Learn how to transform your organization and get results!

“No one I know understands buying behaviour like Mark Stuyt. We brought him in a year ago for an Enterprise Sales Workshop, which provided us with a concise, customized list of action items intended to accelerate our sales process and increase our win ratio. This year our win rates and sales results are 20% ahead of last year’s and we are still improving. Thanks, Mark!”

- Jack Ades
Co-Chief Executive Officer, AKA Enterprise Solutions Inc.
Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner of the Year 2003, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016

Our mission is to help businesses who provide technology products or services accelerate their customer acquisition and growth strategies through a better understanding of neuroscience, emotional engagement and tribal behaviour.


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