Is your sales process too long? Expensive? Ineffective? Outdated?

How well are you creating a bias towards your company in the sales process? Have you adjusted your sales process to align with Buyer 2.0?


“Throughout the years, we have leveraged Mark’s vast knowledge of buyer behaviour, emotional/psychological selling and sales management often. While we have engaged with Mark in building out strategic programs that have had a significant impact on our business, I’ve often come away with long-lasting insight from the casual conversations I’ve had bouncing ideas off of over the years. Mark has had a profound impact on PowerObjects, both strategically and profitably.”

- Jim Sheehan
COO, PowerObjects
Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Solutions Tailored to Your Prospect's Brain

“Mark brought a level of energy and focus to our sales and marketing teams. He helped us gain an understanding of the impact of emotional behaviour and to incorporate it into our business cycle. His compelling stories are memorable and easy to relate to and as such are commonly referenced in our everyday lives today. Whilst still a very recent activity for us, I feel confident we will see tangible results soon.”

- Mary Hunter
Columbus Global

Over the last 10 years, Columbus has received Microsoft’s “Global Partner Of The Year”, "Inner Circle", “Customer Excellence Award”, “Manufacturing Leadership Award”, “Development Partner of the Year”, “Global ISV of the Year”, “Retail Partner of the Year”, “Manufacturing Partner of the Year”, and "Distribution Partner of the Year”.

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