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Objection Handling Workshop

Emotional Discovery Workshop

Are you scaring prospects away? Learn how to switch from asking logical questions to asking emotionally relevant questions.

Emotional Sales Skills Training

Executive Engagement Workshop

Secure access to executives and deliver compelling engagements that lead to a fundamental change in the prospect.

Emotional Proposal Presentation Workshop

Work smarter, not harder on your proposals. Learn how to emotionally engage senior executives towards the end of the sales cycle.

Buyer 2.0 Workshop

Switch from traditional selling to cloud selling while increasing your win rate and decreasing your sales cost.

“Neural Impact brought a level of energy and focus to our sales and marketing teams. They helped us gain an understanding of the impact of emotional behaviour and to incorporate it into our business cycle. Their compelling stories are memorable and easy to relate to and as such are commonly referenced in our everyday lives today. Whilst still a very recent activity for us, I feel confident we will see tangible results soon.”

Mary Hunter
Columbus Global

Over the last 10 years, Columbus has received Microsoft’s “Global Partner Of The Year”, "Inner Circle", “Customer Excellence Award”, “Manufacturing Leadership Award”, “Development Partner of the Year”, “Global ISV of the Year”, “Retail Partner of the Year”, “Manufacturing Partner of the Year”, and "Distribution Partner of the Year”.