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  • Need help articulating your value proposition?

    You likely already know the value you deliver to customers with your products or services. The challenge is communicating that value in less than 10 seconds or in one succinct written sentence on your website and marketing assets. We have helped hundreds of companies through this process and have created this free tool to save you hours of work.

    Knowing how to get started on defining a succinct value proposition statement is the hardest part. We have used our 30+ years of expertise to specifically formulate a series of questions which are intentionally designed to extract your value proposition from you.

    Using as few words as possible, take the time to reflect on the questions provided and answer them as accurately as you can. When you have completed answering each question, and click “Generate,” we will immediately email you an ugly, long winded rough draft of your value proposition which you and your team can then expand upon, fine tune, wordsmith and develop further into a compelling and powerful value proposition statement which you can leverage in all your sales and marketing assets and communications.
  • Things to consider: are you the best in terms of quality? Are you the lowest priced? Are you faster, better, more responsive, accessible, convenient? What specific knowledge or expertise do you have that none of your competitors do?
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