Bus Apps Buyers have changed.
But has your sales motion?

Do you feel your sales team is losing its edge? Are you too busy managing a shifting forecast to onboard new sales team members? Are too many buying decisions coming down to price, or ending in no-decisions? If you’re wrestling with how to get your sales team to close more (larger) deals faster, then we invite you to join our free exclusive session for Dynamics sales professional to explore five neuroscience-based sales techniques that accelerate buying cycles, increase win rates and improve forecast predictability. We’ll also be sharing some emerging ideas on how you can leverage AI to create an early competitive advantage..

Product features and capabilities don’t decide who walks away with POs and who walks away empty-handed. Sales professionals do. We know, because at Neural Impact we’ve coached Dynamics sales professionals on more than 2000 sales opportunities over the past two years. We know what it takes to win because we’re engaged in real-world hand-to-hand (sales) combat every day.


5 week program

Kicking off end of November

Who this program is for: Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders Cost:
$1,500 US per sales professional
$3,800 US per partner company for unlimited sales professionals
Includes unlimited participants per company and 4 x 75 minute one to few live sessions with Neural experts in addition to a custom 2 hour one on one AI strategy whiteboard session with your team based on your unique needs and priorities. Also included are helpful implementation support resources and two personalized one on one feedback and coaching calls during your implementation phase.
Space is limited and available on a first come first served basis. Register now and we’ll contact to complete the payment and secure your spot.
Join us on to learn more about how a handful of small adjustments to your sales actions can lead to a big impact on your deals

Got Coop Funds?
Microsoft partners may be eligible to claim this investment post-program completion. Check out pages 72 and 73 of the FY23 coop guide for details.

For any registration queries, please email me at svitlana@neuralimpact.ca