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Want a better understanding of buyer psychology and how to effectively differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive business environment?

We've teamed up with industry leaders to provide you with tools and strategies for increasing your conversion rates, utilizing neuroscience in your sales/marketing content, and engaging your customers at first contact.


Partner Marketing Pros- Episode One

Welcome to the Partner Marketing Pros podcast, where each month we feature a new theme that builds towards providing a cohesive marketing strategy you can implement into your business. Today guest host Sharka Chobot, Chief Transformation Office at Neural Impact, sits down with Tim Wallis, CEO of Content and Code, to discuss industry trends that help build a strong marketing foundation. To learn more after listening, check out this blog on Why marketing is as important as your product.

Host: Jennifer Tomlinson, Global Channel Marketing Lead at Microsoft. Follow Jennifer on LinkedIn.

Guest: Sharka Chobot, Chief Transformation Office at Neural Impact. Tim Wallis, CEO of Content and Code.



Partner Marketing Pros- Episode Two

Nov 29, 2018
What's the key to a successful marketing campaign? Knowing your customers. In this month's episode of our Smart Partner Marketing podcast series, MediaValet VP of Marketing Maria Osipova explains how personas lead to prospects.



Partner Marketing Pros- Episode Three

Jan 23, 2019
Sharka Chobot, Chief Leadership Officer of Neural Impact, talks with LS Retail CMO Eloise Freygang about using emotional engagement in digital marketing to increase buyer interest.



Partner Marketing Pros- Episode Four

Feb 28, 2019
Don’t miss Brigitte Roy the Director of Marketing, Strategy and Innovation at SherWeb discussing best practices and useful tips for digital marketing, in episode four.



Partner Marketing Pros- Episode Five

Mar 27, 2019
Joanne Charley, the Chief Marketing Officer for Neural Impact and a professor of marketing at Capilano University, hosts Episode Five of the Partner Marketing Pros podcast. In this episode, she is joined by Heather Thompson, Senior VP of Marketing at Qorus Software, as they explore several ways to support your inbound and content marketing to support brand leadership, lead generation, and to accelerate the buying journey.



Partner Marketing Pros- Episode Six

Apr 25, 2019
Hosted by Microsoft Global Channel Marketing Lead Jennifer Tomlinson, this month’s episode takes a deep dive with Microsoft partners Chris Wright and Barnaby Ellis from fiftyfiveandfive and Kenechi Duru from Rackspace on social media, blogs, and how they can support modern digital selling.



Partner Marketing Pros- Episode Seven

May 15, 2019
Learn about high-engagement marketing strategies and tools to drive increased rate of prospect-to-buyer conversion with Jeff Wedren, AVP of Microsoft partner PowerObjects.



Partner Marketing Pros- Episode Eight

Jun 21, 2019
Learn about the importance of customer lifetime value (CLV) and how to maintain it with Prashanth Subramanian, co-founder and executive director of Microsoft partner Quadrasystems.