Mark can help you with

→ Switching from traditional selling to cloud selling

→ Transitioning from a solution selling approach to a prescriptive selling approach

→ Securing access to executives and delivering compelling proposals

→ Creating an early emotional bias towards your products

Why Mark Stuyt?

Mark Stuyt works with sales and marketing organizations to drive powerful emotional engagement and memorable differentiation based on Neuroscience and Persuasion Psychology. Leveraging his deep understanding of the unconscious buying process and 25+ years of award winning sales excellence, Mark works with business leaders to accelerate and optimize their customer acquisition process. He is a regular contributor to many business publications and a frequent guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities.


Over the past 25 years working in the tech industry (Computer Associates, Pivotal CRM, PeopleSoft, and SAP), Mark has figured out the key ingredient to making business owners choose you: understanding that every purchase is driven by an emotion. After speaking to thousands of clients, Mark spotted a distinct pattern – buyers don’t care about a product’s features or functionality but rather the experience that surrounds the buying process itself.

Today, Mark focuses on working with Microsoft Dynamic partners to change their sales process from being logical to emotional. His unique understanding of behavioural economics, customer buying psychology and strategic selling has resulted in significant change throughout the global Microsoft sales ecosystem.

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