Research shows that 50% of features are never used.

Highlighting your products' features and benefits seems logical, so why aren't you converting more leads?

Probably because you're creating and marketing solutions that appeal your customer's logical brain!

Why you need to create products that solve your prospect's emotion triggers

Today’s technology buyer is in the driver’s seat.

As an technology developer and provider your biggest challenges are increasing your market share, outselling competitors, rapidly innovating your products and expanding into new markets. You have scarce resources and a huge market opportunity. You need to increase your revenue and increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Differentiation has always been the key to higher win rates. Many technology products are becoming commodities. Your features and functionality are likely very much the same at many of your competitors. In a cloud world you need to re-define your value proposition and ensure it is compelling.

The needs of today's technology buyer are different, they only want to pay for what they use and are no longer willing to make large, up front capital investments and instead want to pay for your product on a monthly basis. You will need to change your pricing model and begin to offer packaged offers or leasing/renting options.

The way your prospects make buying decisions, want to pay, how quickly they want to be up and running and what they expect out of the box or in terms of support and service has radically changed.

Your challenge will be to align your selling process with how they want to buy, shift your marketing from being technology feature and functionality focused and instead speak to core business pains. You will need to be more than a provider of products, you will need to ensure you have an industry specific solution that your customers come to love and depend upon in order to run their business and remain competitive in their market.

To remain profitable you will need to change your outdated, and expensive direct selling approach, invest more heavily into marketing, use digital marketing to nurture prospects through the buying cycle, educate prospects online rather than just selling to them and scale your marketing globally.

What you do, how you engage and what you focus on needs to radically change.

As technology products become commodities, emotional engagement, tribal acceptance, and disruptive teaching become the new differentiators. Put simply, if you can't teach your prospects anything new or add value to what they are already doing, you are largely irrelevant, and will never get past a 20% win rate.

Our team has over 25 years of experience selling and marketing technology software and hardware. Members of our leadership team have worked for SAP, PeopleSoft, created the CRM product category and launched the first CRM product in 1996, headed up marketing globally for ATI Technologies Inc and more. We can help you understand the new modern technology buyer, accelerate your customer acquisition and gain market share.

Lean Cloud Solution Design Process

Step 1

Identify Vertical Emotional Triggers & Business Pain

Step 2

Build Low Risk Minimum Viable Product

Step 3

Persona Driven Product Development

Step 4

Test & Pivot

“Throughout the years, we have leveraged Mark’s vast knowledge of buyer behaviour, emotional/psychological selling and sales management often. While we have engaged with Mark in building out strategic programs that have had a significant impact on our business, I’ve often come away with long-lasting insight from the casual conversations I’ve had bouncing ideas off of over the years. Mark has had a profound impact on PowerObjects, both strategically and profitably.”

- Jim Sheehan

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