Need help getting more leads and converting them to opportunities? We can help in the following ways:

Want to lose less deals, accelerate your customer acquisition and lower your cost of selling?

Neuroscience of Negotiation Workshop

Dynamic sales professionals often exit long and expensive sales cycles with nothing to show. If this sounds familiar, this is the workshop for you.

Integrated Sales and Marketing Workshop

Stand out from your competitors and create an early emotional bias towards your product.

Customer Acquisition Acceleration Workshop

Is your win rate less than 20%? Give it a boost with one on one training.

Emotional Sales Skills Training

Objection Handling Workshop

Emotional Discovery Workshop

Are you scaring prospects away? Learn how to switch from asking logical questions to asking emotionally relevant questions.

Executive Engagement Workshop

Secure access to executives and deliver compelling engagements that lead to a fundamental change in the prospect.

Emotional Proposal Presentation Workshop

Work smarter, not harder on your proposals. Learn how to emotionally engage senior executives towards the end of the sales cycle.

Buyer 2.0 Workshop

Switch from traditional selling to cloud selling while increasing your win rate and decreasing your sales cost.

Industry Sales Strategy

Increase your close ratios and decrease your sales costs. Let us help you transition from a solution selling approach to a prescriptive selling approach.

Want to reach new levels of success in your business and accelerate your cloud and SaaS transformation?

Executive Coaching

Need a compelling and dynamic industry specific expert to speak at your next customer conference, sales kick off or company event?

Sharka Chobot, Chief Transformation Officer, Neural Impact

Mark Stuyt, Chief Engagement Officer, Neural Impact