• Emotional Email Generator

    What your email open rate? Probably not that high. Most marketing emails don’t get opened. And even if they do, most prospects won’t read very much or act on them. We are bombarded with emails and spam, so you need to emotional engage them to catch their interest. We have incorporated some of the latest neuromarketing techniques into this. It will help you quickly and easily write a much more emotionally compelling email which will increase your conversion. Answer the questions below and we’ll send you a rough draft you can tweak and send in minutes!

    P.S. Wait! before you do this, write your email the way you normally would and send it to ½ your target list. Then come back and do this and send your emotional version to the 2nd ½ and see how the conversion changed! Or just take our word for it and get started now.

  • Your email should Be Tribal and Industry Specific Describe the industry they are in or the type of company they are, so they know your offer is specifically for them. i.e. healthcare, high tech, small business, growing company. Describe them in words that they would describe themselves.
  • Identify Persona you are Speaking to:
    Get a clear picture of your target persona in your mind so you can speak directly to him or her. How you speak to them must be specific to their daily job. Use industry specific vocabulary to prove you are a member of their tribe as much as possible. i.e. “down time” “write offs”. If you are speaking to broad set of people with this email, we can’t help you make it emotional, sorry. When you speak to everyone you resonate with and engage no one.
  • What are their emotional pain points?

    Nobody sits around thinking about what a good idea it would be to buy what you are offering or trying to sell. There are probably a few consistent painful events that trigger your prospect to be open to considering buying what you have to offer. Think about the 3 reasons your most recent new customers bought from you. What happened that make them come searching? Common sample triggers include – losing a customer, opening a new office, getting beat by a competitor, performance lacking somehow, looking bad internally some way, being surprised by an unexpected event or outcome, having someone senior get frustrated or angry with them, not being in control of something important, negative PR, their revenue dropping significantly, margins getting driven down, an unhappy customer experience, etc. Formulate a provocative question to see if they have had this negative experience lately that they can relate to. We have given you some examples to choose from or create your own trigger question. Make sure to ask the question in a negative form. You don’t want to ask, want to be more efficient? That’s not compelling or pain based. Lost a customer because you couldn’t deliver on time? That’s much more emotional.
  • Identify The Pains You Solve (up to 3)

    Identify clearly how their current situation, state, way or working or doing things is inadequate, painful, limited, outdated, lacking, or inefficient. They are busy and don’t have time to listen to you. But if you remind them of the risk of doing nothing, then they will be open to reading more. What can’t they do today? What limitation do they have, what don’t they know? Identify 3 limitations, constrains or inefficiencies, these should be the most important pains that your product or service solves or alleviates.Begin each sentence with “You” so you are speaking directly to them. (You can’t, don’t know..., are unable to...etc.). Each sentence should be negatively worded, Examples: You don’t have enough leads, you don’t know why your website isn’t getting you enough leads”, What the price they pay if they do nothing differently? “You are wasting time manually entering data” “your sales forecast is inaccurate” etc.
  • Emotional Payoff (up to 3)

    If you can help them reduce the pain listed above, how will they FEEL after? You want to create emotional desire for what you have. Describe how they will feel better. Not the benefit of your product or services, but the emotion they will feel after you take their pain away. (Happy, proud, relieved, relaxed, confident, motivated, successful, etc.). Identify 3 positive emotional states. These could be the opposite of what they are feeling now (tired, stresses, uncertain, worried). Make sure to begin your sentence with “you”. Examples… “you want make decisions confidently, be less stressed at work” “feel successful”. Sample emotion words…excited, motivated, informed, confident, in control, inspired, excited, happy, relaxed, calm. Identify 3 emotional states they would love to experience.
  • Product / Service Benefit (up to 3)

    How will their work life be better or easier after they buy? Will something be faster? or higher? what will increased or decrease? What will the learn or achieve? Will they gain power? More respect? Increase quality? Have better performance? Save money? Save time? Be more effective, efficient, accurate? Describe what they will gain. Focus on greed. Everyone wants more of something. Identify the 3 key rewards or benefits they get if they buy.
  • What do they get? Describe briefly your product of service or offer very briefly and succinctly. I won’t give you examples because this is probably what you are already putting in all your emails today. Product information, features, functionality.
  • Provide customer evidence. This should be a quote, testimonial, link to a case study or video testimonial. If you do not have and endorsement from a customer that all you have said above is true, then provide proof in the form of data. If you don’t have that, you can quote industry data. i.e. “industry research indicates that email marketing is the 2nd most cost-effective marketing channel,” the highest percentage of emails opened is between 2-5 pm”
  • Ask them to take action. This action should lead them to your next conversion asset or activity. Never send an email without a call to action! Insert a link to a conversion page on your website, a unique landing page, blog, video, webinar, registration page or “buy now” page. Do NOT take them to your “contact us” form on you home page! Your action should not be descriptive but compelling. Create a sense of urgency by providing and incentive or making a time limited offer or one that is only available to a specific number of people. Write one sentence that includes the benefit they will miss out on if they don’t act now. Then tell them directly what to do. “Make more money now, click here to get started” “Increase more leads, click here to learn how” “Want to make more money? Register today and save 10%.”
  • Who should we send your emotional email to?

  • WAIT! Before you hit submit, please not that your email security and firewall may not like receiving an incoming email with a PDF attachment from an email address it doesn’t recognize and may filter it out. If you do not receive your report in 2 minutes after submitting, please do the following:

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