Digital Marketing Campaign Brief Tool

  • Summary of Required Project Elements

  • Briefly describe any background to this project that would be helpful to the agency. Why are you doing this? Is it part of or connected to anything else? i.e., this is a new product launch for our company, but there are 2 competitors in the market, or we have had this product for years and have just decided to invest in marketing it better. What’s going on in the market? Mention important trends. What are competitors doing?
  • Define the goal of the project with any quantitative / qualitative targets.
  • Size and type of company you are targeting, i.e. (SMB, SMC, Enterprise) Number of employees? Location? Industry?
  • WHY, HOW, WHAT. Include demographics: i.e., 40-50 year old, middle class, white businessman.
  • Primary pain points to call out that are driving the decision making.
  • Benefits they want and will realize.
  • Ex. Global award-winning, practical experience and a track record of successful delivery of AI-enabled D365 field service solutions that have been deployed quickly and effectively to solve specific use cases in asset intensive organizations.
  • Identify the positive attributes of your product or service that ultimately create or deliver the benefit described above and the problem they have. Provide evidence to support your claims.
  • A range of communications channels which cover TRIGGER (LinkedIn advertising, eDM), LEARN (Webinars); TRY and PURCHASE (assessments and demonstrations).
  • Ex. 20% to content development; 10% to webinar development and management; 20% to list building, 50% to paid advertising, SEO and social amplification.
  • Project Background

  • Briefly describe the project in one or two sentences.
  • Date it needs to be ready to publish/release.
  • Project lead: This should be the point person for all questions, decisions, and communications. Additional resources: Others they can get information from. Final approval: Who needs to do final review and approval?
  • If you know what other media you plan to use for other elements in the campaign, then outline them here. This will help you develop a more holistic execution for you (one that ties in with the rest of your plan and has a more impactful marketing effect.) For example, you may create a thought leadership video that will be posted on your website to educate prospects but will also be featured in an upcoming customer email blast, posted on your Youtube channel, etc. Each of these mediums has different considerations, audiences, engagement levels, etc.
  • What are the end deliverables? What will the agency actually provide you? i.e, a 3 -5 page color PDF brochure, a functioning website, a 20 slide PowerPoint deck, etc.
  • List any specific technical specifications or requirements for the end deliverables. i.e., file format, number of pages, color/black and white, quantity, size, how it will be used, length (i.e., a video) etc.
  • List the things that are a MUST have for you that they should know about, i.e., specific branding requirements, things that can’t be changed/altered, something they have to incorporate like a copyright notice, logo usage, etc. Don’t put too many restrictions in as you want them to be creatively free, but do include things you know will be an issue for someone later or that you want to make sure they think about and consider. Everyone has these, call them out early! Be sure to include the standard things like: include the corporate logo, tagline, website link, etc.
  • Please tell us whom we should send your first draft value proposition to:

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