We help technology companies like yours, accelerate their customer acquisition and growth strategies through a better understanding of neuroscience, emotional engagement and tribal behavior.

Why Hire Us

See your prospects and your industry through a new emotional lens. Simplify customer acquisition strategies and amplify your business impact.

Every experience you have with our team will leave you more engaged, enlightened, and inspired than you thought possible, with new clarity and great ideas.

Microsoft partners form around the world who have implemented our strategies have increased their conversions and revenues, closed more deals, and reduced their costs of selling. Are you ready to do the same?

Our 10 company core beliefs and values:
1. Assume nothing; challenge everything and everyone
2. Actively pursue learning and growth
3. Don’t innovate, disrupt
4. Do everything with excellence and passion
5. Care about the people we impact
6. Learn from mistakes and move on
7. Freedom and respect always
8. Make this year better than last
9. Focus to excel; there's no room for mediocracy
10. Live a free and balanced life

How We Are Different

People are emotionally driven and passionately tribal - not completely motivated by logic.
To influence a prospect's buying decision, we must engage their emotions with an understanding of how the unconscious and conscious brain is wired to behave, react, reward and punish.

We know the technology industry and have 25+ years of sales and marketing expertise. But unlike other consulting firms, we are thought leaders in neuro marketing, behavioral science and emotional engagement. Our work applies the newest research in brain science to the customer acquisition process.

Bill Crow

Chief Negotiating Officer

Bill retired as a lawyer after 25 years as in-house counsel and legal consultant to major corporations in the software, finance and shipping industries. When not snowboarding or playing hockey, Bill currently negotiates IT contracts for one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, and acts as Neural Impact’s Chief Negotiation Officer.

Marcie Weinstein

Master Marketing Strategist

Marcie Weinstein brings more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience working in the technology sector. She has produced extraordinary results with companies such as SAP, Pivotal CRM, Palm Canada Inc, Tech Data Corporation and Ingram Micro. Her passion for marketing inspires her to find fresh ways to improve customer engagement. Since starting with Neural Impact in 2015, Marcie has guided Microsoft partners with digital communication strategies and helped them develop emotional engagement with their clients.

Andrew Yang

Master Digital Marketing Scientist

Andrew comes from over 10+ years of modern marketing experience. He's also the Creator of the B2B Marketing Universe: A Single Unified Framework, and most-viewed writer on Quora on various topics of B2B Marketing Strategy and Execution. He comes from a background working as a Marketing Technologist for some of the fastest growing MS Partners and technology companies. With a degree in Mathematics from Queen’s University, he applies data and logic into the execution of unique marketing strategies.

Jordy Starling

Master Video Trainer and Producer

Jordy is our Master Video Director, Producer, and Trainer with a hard focus on authenticity, viewer engagement, giving viewers value, and extending brands into the highly effective world of video. Using this methodology, he has created videos for hundreds of leading tech brands, financial institutions, and post-secondary institutions. As well, he has trained businesses via workshops or 1-on-1 to internally shoot and edit marketing videos using a custom guided process for low impact on marketing departments and budgets. It’s with these applied and repeatable processes and Neural Impact’s knowledge that he has built effective video packages for MS Partners.

Lucas Stuyt

Master Digital Marketer & Content Specialist

Lucas is our master digital marketer and communicator. His background is in B2B marketing, both direct and through a reseller channel. He has worked in the manufacturing and retail distribution sectors. Lucas focuses on executing digital marketing campaigns and strategies, optimizing digital emotional engagement, measuring marketing conversion and performance, and developing impactful social media, video and website content. He is a BBA Candidate at Simon Fraser University with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship..